April 08 , 2017

Zardari asks Baloch to avoid being used by enemy

Says they should see condition of Muslims in India

JAFFARABAD: Chairman Pakistan People's Party Parliamentarians Asif Ali Zardari on Friday said that today the whole world was in one chip and our Baloch friends should see the condition of Muslims in India.

Addressing a ceremony organised on the 50th death anniversary of Mir Jaffar Jamali here on Friday, he said: “Do we want to face death penalty for slaughtering cow? We will not even be able to eat eggs. What is happening with our daughters and other population in held Kashmir and what is being done with Muslims all over India is an eye-opener. Our friends are being misguided in Balochistan and I want to tell you that at the end, the loss will be yours.” Zardari asked Baloch to avoid being used at the hands of enemy.

Pointing to Syria, Libya and Egypt, he said tanks over-ran 400 people, but it was just news for the CNN for one day. The next day the news vanished because it was against the world order. “We have to live by the world order and not jump outside it.”

Zardari said the future of Balochistan was bright. He loved Balochistan as much as he loved Pakistan because his identity was Sindh but he was also considered a Baloch. He
said there were misunderstandings among some friends about the CPEC. He said the rulers were unable to understand if the CPEC project was for the whole of Pakistan.

He said that in the past, Khair Bukhsh Marri and his tribe were seen with great respect and the Bugti tribe was known for its bravery, but today the condition of Marri and Bugti tribes was miserable. “We will protect the Baloch under the PPP umbrella. There are minerals in Balochistan and its land is fertile. If Almighty Allah gives me a chance again, all canals will be cemented. Drip irrigation will be introduced in Balochistan and sugarcane and olive trees would be cultivated here. The land of Balochistan and Pakistan is like gold.”

He said locals had the right to anything recovered from their area. He said when the martial law was imposed, it took 20 years to revert people’s mindset. He said terrorists were enemies of Islam. No one but only China was ready to invest in Pakistan and this was a win-win situation for China and Pakistan.



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