April 20 , 2017

Imran demands resignation of Nawaz after Panama verdict

ISLAMABAD: Imran Khan has demanded resignation of Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif because he has lost moral authority to lead the country and the Panama case verdict is the testament to it.

He should leave the office till the investigations are complete, he said adding that all the five honourable judges of the Supreme Court have rejected the defence Sharif Family presented before the bench.

The SC today ordered to form a joint investigations team to further probe the prime minister and his family over corruption allegations because the NAB Chairman has failed to perform his duty.

Terming the judgement historic, the PTI chief said two senior judges even have disqualified him.

The PTI accept the split verdict but how can junior officials investigate the prime minister, he asked. ‘All the departments except MI and ISI are under his direct control.’

Thanking the judges for a bold decision, Imran Khan congratulated them and the nation for the verdict which has questioned the wealth of Sharif Family.



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