August 03 , 2017


Civilian government derails country from right track: Musharraf

DUBAI: Former president General (retd) Pervaiz Musharraf has on Thursday said that the civilian government has always derailed the country from its right path, adding that Pakistan has prospered under military rule.

In an interview with a foreign broadcaster, Musharraf said that Asian countries including Pakistan have seen more development when ruled by military, whereas when it comes to civilian government’s performance, it is quite the contrary.

“If we compare the past records of civilian and military governments, Pakistan always progressed during dictatorship regime,” he said.

Musharraf also said that whenever the martial law has been imposed in the country, it has always been the need of the hour.

The former general dismissed Article 6 case against him, saying that Pakistan is his priority, not the constitution or its article.

“If Pakistan is in troublesome situations, I will always prefer country over constitution or the Article 6, and if I have made a mistake, I am ready to the face the consequences,” Musharraf said.

To another question pertaining to assistance in his exit from Pakistan, Musharraf said, “I remained the Army Chief and I believe Pak Army always consider my welfare.”



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