August 11 , 2017


‘Effective disaster risk reduction measures need of the hour’

UMWERKOT: Timely and effective disaster risk reduction measures are the need of hour and for that all stakeholders should come forward, Nadeeem-ur-Rehman Memon, deputy commissioner Umerkot viewed this at one day consultative workshop on District Disaster Management Plan (DDMP) Umerkot.

The ad hoc and relief based approach results temporary benefits but major factors remains usually unaddressed. The well coordinated and timely efforts always results better, so this is imperative to have an effective plan developed a plan with consent of stakeholders; he added.

Saroop Malhi Deputy Director Social Welfare Department said government has been trying its best but there was need of other stakeholders, donors and private sector to come forward in building resilience of vulnerable communities.

In emergency, so many actors come forward but very few are seen on ground for rehabilitation and building resilience of communities.3

This will be better if we contribute for reducing factors of disaster and do effective planning instead of extending support in relief, he added.

Dr Abdul Sattar Mangrio said there was a need to develop comprehensive disaster mitigation plan for district Umerkot but this was good that at least, we shall have a mechanism to supplement and complement by all stakeholders with same understanding.

Shewa Ram Suthar said this workshop was organised by Association for Water, Applied Education and Renewable Energy (AWARE) Umerkot, in collaboration with DDMA under shifting power project and we have one cause to make sure effective planning is done at district level.

This plan will be uploaded on a website developed for DDMA Umerkot as stakeholders concerned can access easily, he added.

Umerkot is a disaster prone district; flash floods and drought both are major risks of area. Flash floods of 2011 and recent droughts show that DDMA should be active and updated plan must be there to initiative pre, during and post disaster activities without any difficulty, Ali Akber Rahimoon said. Emergency preparedness and Response Plan (EPRP) draft is developed by district administration and there is need to assure participation of District Council and place a vibrant system for timely response, he added.

Dr Hemji from health department said, AWARE has initiated to gather all stakeholders on a platform at district level to functionalise DDMA and finalise district mitigation preparedness.

Journalist Mumtaz Araiser emphasised on sustainable development of drainage networks in barrage side of district Umerkot.

He identified Dhoro lining process was good but that would be a barrier in dewatering during floods in Bachaband area.

He urged district administration that for all development works, infrastructure should be looked in parameters of disaster.

Gul Muneer Waljhari, Ghulam Mustafa Khoso, Murtaza Jokhio and others from different bodies also shared their views.




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