February 03, 2018


PAF conducts live missile firing exercise

KARACHI: Pakistan Air Force (PAF) on Friday conducted a live missile firing exercise using indigenously produced JF-17 Thunder aircraft, said a statement issued by the PAF.

JF-17 shot down a slow speed target with pinpoint accuracy through BVR [Beyond Visual Range] and IR [Infrared] missile at Sonmiani firing range.

According to the statement, a state-of-the-art weapon test range was made operational to track the complete trajectory of the aircraft and launched missiles.

“The live demonstration was a potent display of the PAF’s capability to successfully locate and destroy high/slow speed moving targets by employing high-tech inventory of aircraft and missiles,” said the PAF.

Chief of Air Staff Sohail Aman, while addressing the ceremony, said that the successful testing of these sophisticated weapons is a testimony of JF-17 Thunder’s multirole capabilities.

Aman further termed the aircraft as “backbone of our aerial defence” saying It is a matter of immense pride that six PAF fighter squadrons have already being equipped with the JF-17 Thunder aircraft.


Courtesy www.dailytimes.com.pk

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