February 07, 2018

Not in favour of breaking political parties: Khursheed

LAHORE: Opposition leader in the National Assembly Syed Khursheed Shah has said the country's politics should be based on issues rather than on abuses. He said this while talking to journalists here on Tuesday.

Khursheed said he was not in favour of breaking the political parties. The country has acquired a loan Rs21,000 billion but who will repay it, he questioned. "The criteria of vote is using abusive language. I regret that no mention of Kashmir was made in a joint session," he remarked. "There is a need to take practical steps for the Kashmiris. Whichever government comes, it has to struggle for the Kashmiris," he added.

He observed that Nawaz Sharif had talked nothing about the Kashmir issue in his public meeting. "It is up to the Kashmiris which party they need in the AJK.""No matter we get any benefit or otherwise but we are not in favour of breaking political parties. Asif Zardari has not talked of breaking the parties," he said.


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