January 08, 2018

Khatm-e-Nabuwwat part of faith, we are its custodians: Shahbaz

LAHORE: Punjab Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif has said Khatm-e-Nabuwaat is the basic part of Muslims’ faith and we are its custodians, adding that visiting shrines is an honour.

The chief minister said this on Sunday while addressing an Ulema and mashaikh convention that was also attended by over 150 gaddi-nasheens at the Chief Minister’s House.

The CM said disputes, divisions and internal differences were harmful for the country’s prestige and integrity. The current situation in Pakistan demands a consensus for which religious scholars have to play a key role.

He said: “It is essential that ‘Aastanay’ should convey the message of tolerance, endurance, worship, social welfare, justice and fair distribution of resources and patience. Only by adopting this message our woes will end and Pakistan will truly become a welfare state”.

He said participation in the convention is an honour for him because great personalities were present there. The joint statement of ulema and mashaikh convention said “in the formation and sustainability of Pakistan, the role of mashaikh, gaddi-nasheens, Sajjadgans or spiritual personalities is a bright chapter of our history. The innate conditions of our beloved country are prerequisite that all these religious leaders will always play their active role for national solidarity, stability, sectarian harmony, and consolidation of the overall peace and security”.

The spiritual personalities and religious leaders also agreed that the realm of the madrassa system according to which madrassas used to be centre of all knowledge should be resurrected. The scholars also agreed that amid the suffering and grievances of today’s Muslims, seeking guidance from religious scholars is dire need of the hour.

The chief minister said to remain firm with one’s own religion and not to compare it with other religions is a golden rule that promotes tolerance and peace in a society. To spread rumours or unnecessary insurrections against other people is neither a service to Pakistan nor Islam. He said spreading turmoil either intentionally or unintentionally is like serving the purpose of terrorists and enemies.

He recalled that when Muslims migrated from Makkah, Ansar-e-Madina welcomed the refugees and set high examples of excellence and sacrifice by helping them. He said in the past 70 years, none of the heads of any state had dared comment against Pakistan what the US president had said about the country.

Provincial Law Minister Rana Sanaullah while addressing the convention said he is a firm believer of Khatm-e-Nabuwaat, adding that Qadianis are non-Muslims. On the other hand, prime minister’s finance adviser Miftah Ismail called on the chief minister. During the meeting on Sunday, the CM said achievement of sovereign and prosperous Pakistan is their mission for which all resources are being utilised. The credit for improving economy goes to the PML-N government, he added.

Meanwhile, the chief minister took notice of a petition of a person seeking justice during a public gathering on Sunday in Kot Momin (Sargodha). The CM called for the affected citizen along with the RPO and DPO Sargodha, assuring justice to the oppressed person.




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