January 11, 2018

Senate elections to go ahead even if one House remains: Khursheed

HYDERABAD: Leader of Opposition in the National Assembly Syed Khursheed Shah has said the alliance with Tahirul Qadri was only till the dispensation of justice to the martyrs of the Model Town massacre. He added it was inaccurate to assume that this unity was formed against Nawaz Sharif or to topple the government.

The Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) leader said this while addressing the media at the residence of PPP leader Munir Randhawa in Latifabad here on Wednesday. He was here to mourn the demise of Randhawa’s brother.

Shah said that Nawaz Sharif was running a campaign against his own government. He further added that the Senate elections would take place even if one assembly was left. Regarding the Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz and Pakistan People’s Party’s deal to elect Faryal Talpur as the Senate chairperson, Shah said that this was just one of media’s fabricated tales, adding that there was no such topic under consideration in the PPP. “The Senate elections will take place on time. As far as the Constitution and law are concerned, the Senate elections will not be delayed even if one provincial assembly is left and three provinces decide to leave.”

“Shahbaz Sharif will not break the Punjab Assembly. Even if one province was left, then elections would be held for 11 seats only.” Talking about the ousted premier, he said that Nawaz Sharif wanted to run a justice campaign against his own government. “The president, prime minister, Punjab chief minister, four governors and federal ministers are all working for him [Nawaz Sharif]; however, he is still running this campaign. What is our mistake in this entire episode?”

The PPP’s senior leader said that a justice campaign had also kicked off against Sanaullah Zehri around eight months ago, but things did not turn out exactly the way they were planned. He added: “The event that has taken place in Balochistan is part of democratic process. It is the opposition’s legal and constitutional right to ensure swift progress of justice campaign. On the other hand, the PPP has been maligned for hatching a conspiracy in Balochistan. This is not true; we do not have even a single vote over there.”

Further speaking about Nawaz Sharif, he said the ousted premier’s attitude towards the courts was quite rigid. “If precedents like this are set, people will also start coming on roads to malign courts and, as a result, the courts will also come out to defend their positions; this will be a scenario that would perfectly exemplify ‘might is right’ phrase, which will, certainly, be a dangerous thing making the state weaker day by day.” Shah said that the affected people in the brutal incident of Kasur should be given justice. “Toppling the government is Tahirul Qadri’s stance not the PPP’s,” he concluded.


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