January 11, 2018

Pak-US cooperation imperative for regional peace: FO

ISLAMABAD: Foreign spokesperson Dr Muhammad Faisal on Thursday said that cooperation between Pakistan and United States was imperative for the regional peace and specifically for stability in Afghanistan.

During his weekly media briefing at foreign office here, the spokesperson said the two sides continue to communicate with each other on various issues of mutual interest at different levels.

On the basis of intelligence shared with the US, we have been able to secure the region and decimate Al Qaida.

“Working towards enduring peace requires mutual respect and trust along with perseverance”, he added.

He said Pakistan had been supporting US by all means for last 16 years and continuation of that relationship was critical for regional peace.

Answering to a question, Dr Faisal said Pakistan had been hosting Afghan refugees for last four decades. “They are enjoying the same facilities as per Pakistani citizens.”

“However, now Afghanistan and international community must invest in the ‘Pull factor’ regarding Afghan refugees,” he added.

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Denying the Daesh’s presence in Pakistan, Dr Faisal said Pakistan had repeatedly asked Afghan government to share any intelligence, if it has, regarding the matter and Pakistan would take action against it.

He said that Foreign Minister Kahwaja Asif’s remarks about the tweet by US President Donald Trump must be seen in a perspective.

He told that yesterday’s high level briefing by Foreign Minister and military officials in foreign office had been arranged to inform the diplomatic corps about the massive counter-terrorism efforts by Pakistan, terrorist threat emanating from Afghanistan, which was resulting in loss of human lives and damage to infrastructure in Pakistan.

“Details were also provided on how Indian belligerence and unhelpful posturing is distracting Pakistan’s counter terrorism efforts and how an active RAW/NDS nexus is verifiably working to undermine Pakistan’s internal stability,” he added.

Dr Faisal said that Pakistan had repeatedly said it had no objection to resume talks with India.

“We want to discuss all disputes including Indian occupied Kashmir (IoK) being the top priority on discussion table. Only composite dialogues can solve Pak-India issues, “he maintained.



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