July 01, 2017

Imran's turn won't come if we are brought down: Saad Rafique

LAHORE: Imran Khan's turn will not come if we are brought down, said Railways Minister Khawaja Saad Rafique on Saturday.

Speaking to party workers , the Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz stalwart said: “If we collapse, Imran too will collapse”.

He said Imran Khan would have to shoulder the blame if any incident took place in the country.

“ People around Imran Khan advise him to hurl allegations and swear.”

The minister said “Godfather” and “Sicilian Mafia” terms used by the court hurt PMLN voters.

“Where should we look to when court compares us with Sicilian Mafia? We are neither Godfather nor Sicilian Mafia,” the minister said.

“Umpire was asked to lift his finger but it didn’t happen. Umpire has realized now he is the protector of the constitution and law,” said he.

He said JIT was a fact fining team not an interrogation team, and one of its members was a relatives of PMLQ leader.



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