July 04, 2017

Efforts afoot to discredit JIT after failing to control it: Imran

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Chairman Imran Khan said on Monday that the Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) was trying to discredit JIT after failing to bring it under control.

“How quickly PML-N and their ‘Motu Gang’ forget welcoming JIT’s formation with victory signs and sweetmeats. Now they are trying to discredit it because they cannot manage it,” Imran wrote in tweets in reaction to a series of statements by PML-N leaders with regard to JIT.

He displayed an image of Finance Minister Ishaq Dar on his Twitter account, shown wiping perspiration from his face. Imran wrote, “A picture is worth a thousand words! Guilt written all over his face and no amount of hysterical gutter language is going to get him off the hook.”

Imran said even in wars, hospitals are not targeted by enemy but here Sharifs and their henchmen are targeting the SKMTCH, providing cancer treatment to the poor.

“But Sharifs and their henchmen don’t care about the fate of poor patients in Pakistan because they rush off abroad even for mere check-ups. Dar stooped to new lows today when he attacked SKMTCH, which provides free cancer treatment to 75 percent of its patients, costing Rs5 billion per year,” he said in another tweet.

In his reaction, the PTI senior leader Naeemul Haq emphasised that Federal Minister Khawaja Saad Rafique must be ashamed of himself for dragging the judiciary and the military into politics.

He alleged that his outburst was a part of the conspiracy, hatched at the Prime Minister’s House. He charged that as per the prime minister’s direction, his ‘operatives’ were mounting attacks on the JIT and it was the prime minister’s bad luck that this time public was standing behind the Supreme Court.

“Is there any justification for Saad Rafique and other courtiers to try defaming the state institutions and how can they claim to be democrats?” he wondered.The PTI leader contended that Imran Khan had rendered service to the nation by exposing a godfather, clad in democratic costume. He added that an arrangement has been made to stop this saga of loot and plunder in the name of democracy in future.

Naeemul Haq alleged that Saad Rafique was a major name of the human blood-sucking system. “Had there been no government of the mafia like Nawaz Sharif, Saad Rafique could not have piled up wealth,” he charged.

He called for an immediate end to defaming the state institutions in the name of democracy and claimed that time had come to free the poor, languishing in jails and fill these with real culprits.

Another senior PTI leader and MNA Asad Umar quipped if Hassan Nawaz wanted to know why had the JIT summoned him, then someone would please, provide him a copy of the Supreme Court judgement!

He disputed Hassan’s claim that there was no allegation against him from the regulator and said that in a letter from the SECP in 2011, he was identified as an accused in money laundering, which was part of the SECP case against Chaudhry Ramazan Sugar Mills, the record of which was tampered.


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