July 11, 2017

Match is over, Nawaz, Shahbaz should resign immediately: Imran Match is over, Nawaz, Shahbaz should resign immediately: Imran

ISLAMABAD: The Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Chairman, Imran Khan, on Monday said the match is over now and Nawaz Sharif and Shahbaz Shaif should resign immediately. Imran said at a news conference outside his Banigala residence that Nawaz Sharif should have stepped down after the Supreme Court’s judgement in the Panama case. However, he said, now after the JIT report, he had no other option but to go home. “Nawaz Sharif has no moral standing left; next Monday is too far away. With what face will he lead the nation? He lied on the floor of the assembly,” the PTI chairman maintained. He wondered how would a bureaucrat or a cop listen to him now. He pointed out new things were coming to the limelight and it had been proved that Maryam Nawaz was the real owner of the London apartments and the Qatari letter was a fraud, whereas Nawaz turned out to be the chairman of an offshore company in Dubai. Imran asserted that there was no need for street movement against the Sharifs: now there would be street celebrations. The PTI chief demanded putting the names of the entire Sharif family, who had plundered billions through corruption and money laundering, on the Exit Control List (ECL). He said Nawaz and Shahbaz Sharif, whom he dubbed as elder godfather and younger godfather, were the nation’s culprits and both must resign. “The way the PML-N has behaved today vindicates our stance that it was extremely difficult to carry out this investigation against Nawaz Sharif, on an issue that was a global issue. The journey here has been long and along this way: there were multiple attempts made to obstruct justice,” he noted. Imran alleged that they (Sharifs) misused the institutions to save their own corruption. “I thank Allah today; he is Al Haque, and he rewards those who struggle and fight for the right. They attacked my family, they scared our workers, who were from not very well-to-do background. They blackmailed and coerced and played with credibility of our institutions to save their own corruption,” he said. About the SECP chairman, he noted, the allegation on Chaudhry Sugar Mills of money laundering... one of the biggest crimes, he was found covering it up. He said money laundering was an even bigger crime than corruption as it leads to shortage of dollars, which sends us greater into the debt trap. “It increases poverty and inflation; the poor are affected the worst. The speaker of the National Assembly, meanwhile instead of sending their reference, sent my reference. How could he not send their reference? What credibility does he have? He must also resign. They tried to blackmail us in the assembly as well,” he said. “They are rightfully named the godfathers; they blackmail and coerce and have been doing so for 30 years. I am so thankful today; everything we had been saying has come to light today. Institutions, ministries being run on our tax money have been used to save the Sharif family’s corruption,” Imran said. Referring to the JIT report, he said it has been made clear that Maryam Nawaz was the owner of those flats; they gave forged papers in the Supreme Court. And then they say they won’t accept the SC decision; this is what these ministers are saying. They are also accomplices to crime. “I commend and salute our PTI workers, who went to jails and all the people who stepped out with us. These are the people, who struggled with us, the people, who fought for the future of this nation. It is because of you that we are here today. I want to thank the people of Pakistan; this is the beginning of Naya Pakistan where the law is equal for all and the powerful are held accountable under the law,” he said. The PTI chief remarked, “Today we have brought them under the laws of this country; nations are made when the rule of law works. If the Supreme Court was not independent today we would have seen them attacking the Supreme Court again. But the nation set a precedent before during the lawyers movement and they knew the nation will not let anything happen to our courts. This has been a struggle towards a real democracy.” He thanked the lawyers community who he said had been part of this struggle to bring rule of law to Pakistan for all. “Now this nation will find out exactly how much they have looted over 30 years.” Imran said Shahbaz Sharif, who filed a 10 billion defamation case against him, should be ashamed of himself coming from a family corrupt to the core. “Now that all of you will be caught, the nation will find out how much this entire family has stolen from the people of Pakistan,” he siad. Imran said that in naya Pakistan, the Supreme Court would spare none. He said when a JIT investigates, the Supreme Court will rule without fear of this mafia. “Can we think of any Western country where members of an investigation team are under threat for investigating sitting criminals in power? I want to commend this entire investigation team and our Supreme Court for their bravery,” he said. Imran said he was watching media reports, as many new things had come up and Nawaz had been declared a criminal of this country so what morality does he have to sit in the prime minister’s seat anymore.


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