July 15, 2017

PM house became center of corruption: Ch. Shujaat

LAHORE: Pakistan Muslim League-Q President and former prime minister Chaudhry Shujaat Hussain has said the trend of defeating constitutional institutions through confrontation is highly stupid and the rulers declaring “indication of corruption” conspiracy against democracy is regrettable.

In a statement issued here Friday, he said that due to corruption of the rulers, Pakistan has been isolated in the international community to the extent that even our friendly countries are avoiding contacts with the government.

During the prime minister's visit to Saudi Arabia, heads of all Islamic countries avoided coming face to face with Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif although some heads of the countries were staying in the rooms adjacent to his room.

He said the government has been practically rendered inactive and the Prime Minister House instead of running the affairs of the state has become centre of “Corruption Bachao Tehrik” (Save Corruption Movement), he alleged.

Ch Shujaat Hussain said that in the prevailing circumstances, a responsibility devolves on the senior political leadership of the country that brushing aside differences in order to pulling the country out of crisis they should exert pressure on the PM to resign forthwith.

He said the PML-Q will establish contacts with leaders of all factions of Muslim League and leadership of other national parties.



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