Four accused of Abbas Town tragedy arrested: Rehman Malik

ISLAMABAD: Minister for Interior, Rehman Malik, Tuesday informed the National Assembly that four suspected terrorists allegedly involved in Abbas Town blast had been arrested from Karachi.

He told the House that the agencies had squeezed some shocking revelations out of the held terrorists which he would lay bare on Wednesday.

"I will enunciate on it openly tomorrow. A joint session should be held where all the provincial chief ministers should be held accountable," he said on the floor of the House.

He said the bloodshed in Karachi was not carried out by Tehrik-e-Taliban Pakistan rather some other elements were conspiring to destabilize country and delay elections. The Karachi blast was an extension of Quetta terrorism, he added.

Malik added that the designs of Lashkar-e-Jhangvi could be foiled only thorough political unity and appealed the Punjab government to have close-door meeting with him to devise a strategy against terrorism.

Malik said during the raids, the law enforcement agencies have removed the flags of defunct outfits from different localities in Karachi on top of sealing their offices.

"The sectarian cleansing of Shia community was a conspiracy to postpone elections, adding, the mercenaries were pursuing an agenda to destabilize the country", said Malik.

"Let us not get carried away emotionally. We should stand united for the sake of country's security setting aside our political differences," Malik urged the political forces.

The interior minister said some elements had tried to persuade victim families not to bury the dead bodies, however the Governor Sindh and Deputy Speaker Sindh convinced them to do so.

He said why all the political forces do not get united against a national threat when all leads point towards LeJ.

He suggested that DG Rangers and all the chief ministers should be invited to Wednesday's sitting so that they could also be made accountable before the House.

Rehman Malik said whenever he conveyed any information regarding security threats, it was considered as an attempt to create confusion.



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