March 01 , 2017

Pakistan joins countries producing solar panels

Islamabad: Pakistan has joined the club of a few countries which produces solar panels indigenously with WTO standard and Tesla Technologies is working on various mega solar power projects including facilitating Pakistan Army in the same field.

This was stated by the Chief Executive Officer of Tesla Technologies Aamer Hussain while he was giving briefing to the dealers and distributors during 2nd Tesla Grand Event 2017 held here on Monday.

A large number of dealers and traders of solar related products attended the event. Aamer Hussain stated we are meeting the standard of WTO and produce solar panels applying on with NANO and ARC technologies owing to which the performance of these panels remained consistent and unchanged in all environmental conditions for a long period up to 20 years. He maintained that 80 per cent of components of solar system are produced indigenously and Tesla is on the only vertically integrated solar company which won the European Union’s TUV and ISO 9001certificates. “We keep a close eye on every new emerging technology in solar sector and produce solar products with high standards”, he mentioned.

He said after introduction of net metering system here in Pakistan, WAPDA consumers can develop their own solar energy producing system with an aim to self-sufficiency and to sell extra electricity to Wapda. Aamer Hussain said a flood of sub-standard solar panels which captured local markets is wasting the time and money of their buyers. Internationally these sort of panels are called as garbage and these sub-standard solar panels were wastage of money and time of our people as they kept on changing the same to obtain required results but all in vain. He further said 1.2 and 2.4 solar hybrid inverters are also offering smart power source for home and office appliances.



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