PCD volunteers demand CM Punjab and Lord Mayor to restore on OMT project duties

By: Haider Ali

LAHORE: The Punjab Civil Defence (PCD) volunteers have demanded Chief Minster Punjab, Lord Mayor and PCD officials to restore on Orange Line Metro Train project duties who were fired from duties without giving any warning or reason.

As many as 400 volunteers were performing duties on the route of OMT project to assist traffic police and guide to citizens from January 3, 2016 were fired in the month of December after taking 12 month services from them. This was told by disappointed volunteers.

They said that we have several times raised voice in front of PCD, Lord Mayor and other concerned officials to aware about their concerns over it but they did not take it seriously. Rather they always gave false hope and assurances to them by making lame excuses.

Volunteers said that PCD has called for 27 month duties on project from January 2016 to March 2018 on OMT Project. They further said that PCD have also not cleared last two month incentive amount of volunteers due to not release their funds/ budget timely due to change in local government system.

According to document (Warden Service), 3104 total volunteers are enrolled in Civil Defence Lahore and among them 900 volunteers (Razakars) are active and on paid from January 2016. But, local body government system was become a main reason behind of their late salaries which have restored in Punjab after ten years, they said.

They further said that volunteers are facing economic and financial problems and it has been difficult to run family kitchens. Disappointed volunteers further said that Punjab government is also not paid incentive amount of several duties which performed on the occasion of Youm-e-Ali (RA), 9 & 10 Muharram and Gulshan-e-Iqbal suicide blast in Lahore during last year.

Advisor to CM of Punjab Khawaja Ahmed Hassan have also promised with us and announced to increase their daily wages from Rs 400 to 600 on the eve of 23rd March 2016 but no further progress was observed after his announcement, they added.

Volunteers are performing duties in the provincial capital for multiple purposes like on the occasion of Sunday Bazaars. As well as, Warden Service performs other following functions including acts as a general liaison between the public and the administration. Civil Defence Razakars assist the administration in relief and rescue work during natural calamities and other emergencies like floods, earthquakes, bomb blasts, law and order, fire fighting, polio campaigns and security duties at Ramzan Bazaars, Pro sessions of Muharrum and etc.

Civil Defence Officer (CDO) Lahore Qari Alam Shair talking with Daily Times said that before taking their services for OMT project we have clearly told to them about to refuse to take their volunteer service at any time. He said that we do not lie with anyone on any stage. He told that CTO has requested DCO Lahore to provide volunteers for OMT project to assist traffic police.

In a query, said that their last two month incentives will be cleared in couple of weeks and Deputy Commissioner approved application of incentive amount on Tuesday (last day) which will forward to AG office for further legal procedure. He further told that government has issued their budget however; change in local government systems was becomes main reason behind of their late salaries.



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