March 10 , 2017

Murad of PTI punches PML-N’s Javed Latif

Both lawmakers exchange harsh words, use abusive language; incident result of speeches they earlier delivered in the House

ISLAMABAD: Only a few weeks after a brawl between the PML-N and PTI parliamentarians inside the assembly hall, another unpleasant scene was witnessed on Thursday as Murad Saeed of PTI punched Javed Latif of PML-N after the National Assembly session.

The incident, which occurred near the exit point of the Parliament House, was an outcome of the speeches they had earlier delivered in the assembly.Javed in his speech dubbed PTI Chairman Imran Khan as a ‘mad person’ and ‘traitor’ for opposing the holding of the PSL final in Lahore. He also tried to relate remarks of Imran and his associates with the statements of Sheikh Mujib-ur-Rehman and Altaf Hussain.

At the end of proceedings, the two members confronted each other near the exit point and exchanged harsh remarks as well as abusive language. Murad approached Javed and punched him after which they indulged in a brief scuffle before they were separated by the parliamentarians present there.

Speaker Sardar Ayaz Sadiq, taking notice of the incident, has ordered an inquiry into the matter. He directed to constitute an inquiry committee which would submit its report to him within a week’s time. No lawmaker from the PML-N and PTI would be included in the inquiry committee.

There was an impression that poor handling of National Assembly’s proceedings by Deputy Speaker Murtaza Javed Abbasi resulted in the incident outside the assembly hall. The PTI members wanted to respond to the chair adjourned the proceedings abruptly.

Earlier, as Murad started to speak on a point of order to criticise a statement of Rana Sanaullah, the deputy speaker repeatedly asked him to finish his arguments within two minutes. But Javed, on the other hand, completed his speech without any interruption from the deputy speaker.

Thus, the unpleasant incident outside the assembly hall could have been averted had the deputy speaker handled the situation properly during proceedings.

Javed said Imran used indecent words against foreign cricketers earning bad image for the country. “He is a mad person and traitor and has been training his workers in a similar way,” the PML-N member said.

Referring to statements of Imran and his party leaders inside and outside the House regarding the alleged action against Pakhtuns, the ruling party lawmaker observed that Sheikh Mujib and Altaf also used to give such statements.

Javed also advised the PTI members to teach his leader talk sense. Earlier, Murad said Rana San should apologise for his words used against Pakhtuns. “Whether a new rule has been made that I am being asked to finish within two minutes,” the PTI member said when the chair asked him to complete his speech in two minutes.

But the deputy speaker again directed the PTI member that he should not dictate the chair and complete his speech in two minutes. Murad said Pakhtuns were also not being issued Computerised National Identity Cards (CNIC) in Karachi.

He said Rana Sana in an interview to BBC stated that action would be taken against Pakhtuns wherever they were living.

The PTI member said Rana Sana used insulting remarks for the Pakhtun community and hurt their feelings and he should apologise for his words; otherwise, a case should be registered against the Punjab minister.

On this, the deputy speaker said a parliamentary committee had already been constituted to look into CNIC issue.

Talking to newsmen, Leader of Opposition in the National Assembly Khursheed Shah strongly condemned the incident, saying that sanctity of the Parliament should be kept supreme.

He said it was the speaker’s duty to run proceedings of the House and he (speaker) should take action against the person responsible for the incident.

Murad told reporters that the PML-N member, while holding his hand, once again called Imran as traitor. He also complained that the chair interrupted time and again during his speech on the floor of the House.

However, Javed said Imran and his party members needed proper training to behave. He, however, said he had forgiven Murad for his indecent behaviour.



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