March 11 , 2017

Massive fire in Karachi factory tamed after 18 hours

KARACHI: A massive fire broke out in a textile mill at Landhi Industrial area of Karachi which was tamed after 18 hours, on Saturday.

According to details, the cooling process was taking place inside the building after fire tenders and firefighters had tamed the flames. The fire tenders and rescue teams had immediately rushed to the site in order to extinguish the blaze and rescue the trapped people. Firefighters could enter inside the affected building ten hours after the fire had caught, leaving the building completely weakened and on the verge of collapse.

It has been reported that the rescue teams managed to save the trapped people while bringing them out of the mill safely.

Even after eighteen hours had elapsed, the fire could not be extinguished. All the fire tenders from the city were called to the site of the incident.

Declaring it as third degree fire, the chief fire officer had also asked for the help of PT and civil aviation authorities in order to bring the situation into control.

Chief Fire Officer Muhammad Tehseen revealed at the occasion that the building has developed a crack due to fire as a result of which it could collapse any time.



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