March 12 , 2017

PTI to boycott Javed on TV, public forums

ISLAMABAD: After the bizarre incident a day earlier, PTI Chairman Imran Khan has barred representatives of his party from appearing on TV shows where PML-N’s MNA Javed Latif may be invited to register protest against his alleged misbehavior.

Moreover, in subsequent tweets, Imran even ordered his party members and leaders not to attend any public forum where Javed Latif is invited.

“No PTI rep. will go on any TV chat show where Jawed Latif is invited. In any civilised country he would be banned from all public forums. In any civilised country he [Javed Latif] would be banned from all public forums," the PTI chief added.

“Nor will our party members & leaders attend any public forum event where Jawed Latif is invited,” he said. Earlier, Imran had chaired a party meeting to review the situation, arising out of the scuffle.


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