March 13 , 2017

Imran ‘ralo katta’ of politics: Rana Sana

Says Chaudhry Sarwar playing the role of ‘patheechar’ in PTI

FAISALABAD: Punjab Law Minister Rana Sanaullah on Sunday described PTI Chairman Imran Khan as ‘ralo katta’ of Pakistani politics.

He remarked that the word ralo katta defined PTI spokesperson Naeemul Haque well, while Chaudhry Sarwar was playing the role of ‘patheechar’ in the party. Rana Sana was talking to media and addressing a ceremony organised by Punjab Revenue Authority in connection with restaurant invoice monitoring system.

The provincial minister said the PTI held public gatherings and they had not been stopped from anything, whether it was rallies or catwalks, but they were used to exaggerating minor things and jumping into every fight.

He said projects worth billions of rupees had been completed in Punjab and no one could level any allegation but some people were seeking 40-year-old record; however, the prime minister and his family would emerge victorious in the episode.

Rana Sana said there was disagreement within the PML-N on military courts but the move received support as an extraordinary step amid extraordinary situation, not on permanent basis. He added that all the political parties had agreed on two-year extension.

The provincial law minister reminded that the security of the anti-terrorism court judges was at risk. The very role of military courts would cease to exist according to the proposals put forward by the PPP, he noted.

Rana Sana said by issuing a statement in favour of Murad Saeed, Imran promoted violence. He added that inappropriate words were sometimes used during discussion but no leader had ever promoted punching the other person; however, Imran was the only leader to justify such step.

The law minister said Imran had destroyed Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, adding that the ralo katta sitting in Islamabad and his ‘ATM machine’ had cut the forests, emptied the mines and made new corruption records in the province. “To stop the popularity of the PML-N, they are now creating fear among the Pakhtuns that they are being treated badly in Punjab,” he said.

Rana Sana predicted that the PTI would be wiped out from Khyber Pakhtunkhwa in the coming elections as the PML-N was going to form the provincial government.



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