March 15 , 2017


Pakistan Navy ensures foolproof multilayer security system at Gwadar Seaport

*Residents of Gwadar gear up to reap the benefits of China-Pakistan Economic Corridor
Pakistan Navy ensures foolproof multilayer security system at Gwadar Seaport
By: Khurshid Ahmed

Gwadar: "I am sure that my children will benefit from massive development taking place around us and for that purpose my children are getting quality education", said Jaan Bibi, a widow and mother of five children, working at Bahria Model School Gwadar, one of the three schools being run by Pakistan Navy in the coastal belt of Pakistan's Balochistan province.

Like Bibi many local women are optimistic about the future of Gwadar where huge investment of around $60 billion is being made under the China Pakistan Economic Corridor CPEC. Residents of Gwadar, economically backward area, so far have been totally dependent on the fishing business but the initiation of mega projects under CPEC has opened new avenues for them like other countrymen.

One could see the tangible outcome of development of Gwadar seaport and initiation of related development projects. The ongoing development which could be seen while travel from Gwadar International Airport to Gwadar harbor have created huge demand for the for labourers. " Our illiterate males are totally dependent on the fishing business that is why people from other adjoining areas who are educated getting opportunity to work but we are hopeful that our children will be able to reap the benefit", said Habiba, whose two children are enrolled in Bahria Model School like other 400 students, mostly locals, who get almost free education.

The potential of CPEC has now drawn the attention of many regional and international players who want to share the benefits, Russia included. Being the most important and sensitive project the security level has been enhanced in the area. "We have foolproof multilayer security system in place. We are 100 percent confident about its effectiveness", said Azhar, a operations commander officer, responsible for the security of Gward Seaport and its coastal boundaries.

Working with inclusive approach, Pakistan Navy has not only provided employment to locals but is also engaged in welfare activities along the coastal line of the country including industrial vocational training and disaster management. "At the moment our mobile recruitment teams are out in the areas to recruit local youths. In the current month so far upto 42 people have been made the part of Pakistan Navy", said Commander Shahid, Commander of PNS Akram, a naval base located in Gwadar.

Baloch youths are given special treatment during hiring process. They get 10 percent relaxation for their academic qualification in case of officers and 20 percent in case of sailors, Commander Shahid informed. Briefing visiting journalists, Commander Shahid said that Navy apart from providing security to Chinese is also providing medical services to the people of the coastal areas where special medical camps are held. At the briefing Director General Public Relations, Commodore Nadeem Bukhari, Commander Abdul Rehman, Lieutenant Asma, Hina and Yasir were also present.



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