May 04 , 2017

Foreign Office says will take action over threats to Pakistani students in India

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan's Foreign Office on Thursday said it would take action over threats to Pakistani students and teachers by extremist elements in India.

"The delegation of students and children was sent back through Wagah border because the host organisation was getting threats," Foreign Office spokesperson Nafees Zakaria said in a statement.

"Diplomatic sources will take action of the incident," he said.

Reacting to recent Indian allegations and provocative statements, Pakistan on Thursday said the New Delhi's moves will further vitiate the regional environment

In an interview with Radio Pakistan, Foreign Office Spokesman Nafees Zakaria said Pakistan has made it clear that no incident of mutilation of bodies of Indian soldiers has taken place.

He said India has lost the every right of taking any of its allegations before the United Nations because it has never abided by the World Body neither has it cooperated with the UN Military Observers Group established for this purpose.

Nafees Zakaria said India has always used "Pakistan card" for its internal political maneuvering and diverting world attention from its atrocities in Occupied Kashmir.

The Spokesman said the world and Indians themselves have admitted that New Delhi government is committing state sponsored terrorism in Occupied Kashmir.



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