May 06 , 2017


India showing inappropriate behaviour towards Pakistan: Ashraf

By: Online

LAHORE: Former Prime Minister and PPP leader Raja Pervez Ashraf said that the attitude of India with Pakistan is improper, which is unacceptable for the people of Pakistan. PPP also rejects the Indian behaviour.

Addressing a press conference after his appearance in Accountability Court, he said that he is facing charges of recruiting few hundred employees in low grades during his tenure.

The rulers have made it major crime and forced a former Premier to appear before the Accountability Court.

“I respect the courts, however deal on legal level should not be set as standard in the country. If I appear before the court, the same legal procedure should be adopted for the other Prime ministers too, adding that poor and needy people that were recruited during my tenure were terminated by the present government. NAB could not find any evidence in the references filed against me.”, he stated.

Responding to the various questions from the media persons, the former PM said that PPP always respected the courts.

The first elected Prime Minister of Pakistan Zulifqar Ali Bhutto was hanged on court orders. Former PM Benazir Bhutto ensured her presence before the courts and she had emerged victorious in the courts. He hoped that he would also get justice from the courts of law.

He said that Pakistan’s borders are safe. The Army personnel have rendered unprecedented sacrifices for the solidarity of the country but unfortunately, the country is facing failures on diplomatic fronts owing to unsuccessful foreign policy of rulers.

Criticising the existing rulers, he said that PM is busy in improving personal friendships with anti-state elements without thinking for Pakistan and its people.

The rulers would have to give priority to national interests and all the nation has to endeavor to make the country free from terrorism.

Ashraf declared that 2018 would be the year of PPP as it would win the upcoming general elections.


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