May 06 , 2017


Reham expects to participate in upcoming general elections

HARIPUR: Reham Khan has said that she may participate in the coming general elections from district Haripur or Mansehra as an independent candidate.

Reham was expressing these views at Panyan area of District Haripur on Saturday where Reham inaugurated the harvesting of wheat crop.

She said that she is under severe public pressure for participating in the forthcoming general elections; however, she said that she has not made any final decision in this regard.

She said that people of Hazara love her and they want her to participate in the coming general elections, saying that she is standing with the people of this area because of love of people. She said that she would ensure the ending of ‘Thana culture and Kalashnikov culture’ if she won the election from the constituency of Haripur.

Reham said that vote is the power of people and they should make use of this power, saying that knowing all about the candidate is your right before casting your vote to any candidate and you should not waste your precious vote.

She said that people of Mansehra gave her much live and they are insisting they she should participate in the next elections form Mansehra and likewise people of PK-51 support her and in view of their love. “I may participate in the elections from this constituency of Haripur as well,” she said.



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