Mirwaiz says ban on social media, TV channels fascist approach

SRINAGAR: Terming as ‘fascist approach’ the ban on more than 30 TV channels in Kashmir after banning the social networking sites, the All Parties Hurriyat Conference (M) Chairman Mirwaiz Umar Farooq said “The real purpose behind all these actions is to isolate the Kashmiri population.”

“The authorities do not want the reality of Kashmir to be highlighted internationally and they do not want people of Kashmir to have access to information other than what government of India filters into Kashmir through its state and corporate run media” he said in a statement. He said “It is beyond comprehension that how channels preaching Islamic teachings and values are responsible for spreading unrest in Kashmir, whereas the fact remains that the current unrest and uprising in Kashmir is because of the political instability and anti-people policies and dictatorial approach of the rulers of Delhi and their local agents towards the people of Kashmir.”

“The restrictions on social media and TV channels in Kashmir have been imposed at the behest of the communal forces of India, Mirwaiz said cautioning that these restrictions can further deteriorate the situation in the state.”

He said “In the modern times this type of thinking and such tactics of oppression reflect authoritarian mindset. A war has already been started against the people of Kashmir at all levels and the gagging of media to prevent the reality from reaching the world will also prove a failure like such other oppressive acts have proven so far.”



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