May 10 , 2017

'I am Karachi' ,International Committee of Red Cross join forces

KARACHI: I Am Karachi (IAK), an NGO based in the metropolis, and the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) signed an MOU On Wednesday for betterment of Karachi, with an aim to raise awareness regarding Emergency Vehicles in Karachi within the community.

The Health Care In Danger (HCID)program, headed by Mr. Maciej Maksymilian Polkowski, is an initiative of the ICRC aimed at addressing the issue of violence against patients, health-care workers, facilities and vehicles, and ensuring safe access to and delivery of health care in armed conflict and other emergencies.

IAK, an organisation that serves as platform for the civil society and the development sector in the city, signed this MOU with the objective of informing the citizens of Karachi of the importance of emergency service vehicles, and the etiquettes attached with them as fellow road users.

ICRC and IAKintend to use this platform to raise awareness amongst the people of Karachi in regards to Emergency Vehicles on the road and the protocol to be followed in order to ensure minimum delays, as is the norm.

“Sadly, people in Karachi still don’t move aside when they see an ambulance or hear one, causing delays and potential fatalities. Similarly, emergency medical staff is blamed and persecuted by the public when tragedy strikes. These notions point to an alarming need for change in mind set. ICRC, with their wealth of knowledge and experience, will most definitely be the perfect partners to change behaviours, educate and reinforce”, Ambareen Thompson, Executive Director, IAM KARACHI said.

The MOU signing in PC Karachi was attended by Head of Project, HCID, ICRC,Mr. Maciej, Executive Director Jinnah Postgraduate Medical Centre Dr.Seemin Jamali, Dean APPNA Institute of Public Health and Pro VC of Jinnah Medical University Prof.LubnaBaig, Executive Director Of I AM KARACHI Ambareen Main Kazim Thompson, Executive Committee Member IAK,Ms. Rumana Husain, President IAK Amin Hashwani, General Secretary IAK, SaadAmanullah, Vice President IAK ShahidFeroz and Executive Committee Member IAK Ghazi Salahuddin.



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