May 12 , 2017

PM says he is answerable after five years

MULTAN: Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif on Thursday said they would be answerable to the people after five years on the basis of performance. He said he was elected to serve the people not to stage sit-ins.

"The masses of Pakistan have rejected the foul-mouthed people who only know how to stage sit-ins, speak lies and make false accusations," said the prime minister, addressing a mammoth gathering at Rai Ali Nawaz Stadium in Chechawatni.

"We will face the people at the end of our five-year term and show the service we have done and you [PTI] will also have to show what you have done in your province," he said.

He asked the people to visit Khyber Pakhtunkhwa if they wanted to check the ultimate fate of Naya Pakistan, where underdevelopment with broken roads and dilapidated schools buildings gave a dismal picture.

The prime minister said Pakistan was moving ahead at a rapid pace and recalled the construction of Metro Bus projects, motorways, roads and power generation units that were changing the landscape of the country.

“If you have to see the opposite, go to Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and see what they have done. Look at the condition of their schools,” he remarked.

He added that people would once again vote his party into power after successfully serving the people for five years. “We are developing road infrastructure even for those creating hurdles in the form of sit-ins,” said the prime minister.

He described the charged crowd as a bulwark against those who daily churned up false propaganda against him and said they did not understand the culture of Pakistan.

"We respect our elders and hold our women in high esteem, but they have no respect for anyone and blurt out whatever comes to their minds," the prime minister said in an apparent reference to the speeches by PTI leaders.

“The political rivals have no knowledge about the culture of Pakistan, which teaches respect to elders and women,” he added.

Nawaz Sharif said those levelling baseless allegations didn’t know what they were speaking, adding that He said the news leaks issue had been propagated negatively without any justification.

Loadshedding would be eliminated in 2018, which once overcome would never return, he remarked. “We are reducing the miseries load shedding which is the result of the past governments’ failures.”

“I am not visiting Chichawatni for staging a sit-in or mud-sliding. I am not visiting Chechawatni with empty hands,” said the prime minister who announced different development projects, including Rs 500 million for a road to connect the town with the countrywide network of motorways.

"I am here to serve you, to make life better for you, to provide you farm-to-market roads and all other facilities," said the prime minister who especially praised Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif for his hard work and devotion.

He also announced a grant of Rs 250 million for development of Chichawatni, provision of natural gas, Rs 100 million for power supply, up-gradation of technical and vocational institution, initiation of classes for post-graduate programme at degree colleges for boys and girls. “I would soon visit the district to inaugurate development projects,” he added.

Earlier, the prime minister performed the groundbreaking of an Rs 230 million model cattle market that would benefit 80,000 livestock farmers, where they would get facility for veterinary services. The market would generate around Rs 12 billion revenue.



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