November 02, 2017

Those ignoring parliament should sell grams on street: Khursheed

ISLAMABAD: Leader of Opposition in the NA Syed Khursheed Shah hit out at PTI Chairman Imran Khan saying that anyone who is detached from parliament cannot take part in politics. “If anyone ignores parliament, he will ‘sell grams’ on the streets,” he said while talking to newsmen after chairing a meeting of the Public Accounts Committee on Wednesday at the Parliament House. The remarks of the opposition leader came up when journalists asked a question regarding the PTI Chairman Imran Khan not attending sessions of the National Assembly.

Asked about Nawaz Sharif’s return to Pakistan, the opposition leader said he was happy that the former premier has decided to return to the country. “The jails and bails are common in politics,” he said. In reply to a question regarding the PML-N decision to go with Shahbaz Sharif as the next PM after 2018 elections, Khursheed Shah said the PML-N decision to put Shahbaz Sharif as next prime minister after 2018 election was a political one.

Regarding the current political situation, the opposition leader said all political parties will have to gather to discuss problems being faced by the country. “Efforts are under way to ensure that the next general elections are carried out in 2018,” he said.

To a question, he said Pakistan’s relations with America will have to be brought under discussion. “We will have to discuss statements made by Khawaja Asif in Washington and those made by the US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson in India,” he said.

Talking about the country’s power sector, he said the PML-N is claiming that loadshedding and circular debt will end, but the circular debt has increased to Rs450 billion while the line losses are over Rs200 billion and cannot be contained until structural changes are made in the system. He said despite low oil prices globally, the electricity rates have been increased.

Meanwhile, the opposition leader, in a statement, said the question before the nation was that who were Moeen Qureshi and Shaukat Aziz, where did they came from and where did they go and what were their services for the nation.

“Technocrats could never serve the nation as if they were so able then there will be technocracy in the Europe and the US rather than democracy,” he said. He said all the actions taken under the ambit of the Constitution were acceptable while those taken by the dictators only brought disaster for the country and the people. “I am hopeful that the elections would be held on the scheduled time in 2018 in accordance with the Constitution and law of the country,” he said. He said those who violated the Constitution and law have seen their fate.



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