October 12 , 2017

Ehtesab to be across the board, says NAB chief

ISLAMABAD: The new National Accountability Bureau (NAB) chief, Justice (retd) Javed Iqbal, on Wednesday said that the accountability (Ehtesab) process would be across-the-board without any discrimination. He assumed the office of NAB chairman on Wednesday.

Taking to newsmen informally outside the Parliament House on Wednesday, where he came to attend the meeting of Senate’s Committee on Human Rights as the chairman of Missing Persons Commission, he said that he would follow the law but he could not fulfill the desires and materialise dreams of others. He said that the cases against the Sharif family would be dealt with on merit and whatever the outcome might be, the law would take its course.

“I will personally monitor the prosecution of the cases and a visible change will be witnessed in this regard in time,” he said.In response to a question, he said that the shortcomings in the Panama case, if any, would be rectified.

He said that all the political parties had accepted his nomination and those who did not, stated that they would watch closely his actions. “When I was in the Supreme Court, I said justice for all and now I say accountability for all,” he said.

Javed Iqbal said all the cases would be concluded by following the legal requirements like the inquiry of the Abbottabad Commission.

The NAB chairman said that he would continue to head the Missing Persons Commission as its final report was in the last phase, and would leave the commission after the completion of the report.

Meanwhile, on the first day of his office, Justice (retd) Javed Iqbal, was briefed about the key administrative and departmental affairs of the bureau at NAB’s headquarters. Giving the officials their first task, the new NAB chief asked for details of all the outstanding cases, references and records.





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