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           Border with Afghanistan     IAEA Approves Safeguards for Nuclear Plants                                                  Pakistan First Country to
             Reopens Temporarily                                                                                                  Benefit from Solar Maps: WB

        Islamabad: Pakistan has temporar-                                                                                        Islamabad:  Pakistan  has become
        ily reopened its two main border                                                                                         the first country to benefit from duly
        crossings  with  Afghanistan  to  al-                                                                                    validated, high-quality solar maps
        low visitors with valid visas on both                                                                                    under a global initiative, allowing it
        sides to return home, the foreign of-                                                                                    to tap into its renewable energy re-
        fice announced.                                                                                                          sources more effectively, the World
            Pakistan sealed the Torkham                                                                                          Bank said in a press release on Tues-
        and Chaman crossings on February                                                                                         day.
        16, after a string of suicide attacks                                                                                       The new solar maps for Paki-
        killed more than 130 people across                                                                                       stan were unveiled  at a workshop
        the country, blaming the violence                                                                                        hosted by the Alternative Energy
        on Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan and                                                                                        Development Board (AEDB) and
        other armed groups.                                                                                                      the World Bank in Islamabad.
            “In order to provide an oppor-                                                                                          According to the World Bank,
        tunity to those nationals of Afghani-                                                                                    Pakistan is now part of a small group
        stan who had come to Pakistan on                                                                                         comprising mainly developed coun-
        valid visas and wish to return to                                                                                        tries with access to sustainable and
        their country, the government of                                                                                         affordable sources of indigenous en-
        Pakistan has decided to open the                                                                                         ergy.
        border crossings at Torkham and                                                                                             “With the costs of solar power
        Chaman on March 7 and 8,” the for-                                                                                       having decreased significantly over
        eign office said in a statement.                                                                                         the past couple of years, Pakistan
            The temporary opening was for                                                                                        now has the opportunity to unleash
        people who had travelled for medi-                                                                                       investment in solar energy without
        cal, work and business purposes but                                                                                      the need for subsidies,” said Antho-
        were left stranded, according to Af-                                                                                     ny Cholst, Acting Country Director
        ghan ambassador to Pakistan, Omar   “Pakistan has the rare distinction of keeping all its civilian nuclear facilities under IAEA Safeguards, signifying its commitment   for the World Bank, Pakistan.
        Zakhilwal.                    to global objectives of non-proliferation,” the Foreign Office said in an official handout    “The World Bank stands ready
            “Many people were running out   Islamabad:   The  International  power plant units, according to an   in Karachi are pressurized water re-  to support the federal and provincial
        of money and were in a miserable   Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) ap-  official handout. The approval was   actors of 1100 megawatt each and  governments in realizing this objec-
        state on this side [Pakistan] of the   proved on Wednesday Pakistan’s   made by the nuclear watchdog’s   are being acquired from China.  tive, alongside the support we are
        border,” Zakhilwal told Al Jazeera.  request for the application of safe-  board of governors, it said.   “Civil nuclear power genera-  already providing for development
        BORDER, P24                   guards for K-2 and K-3 nuclear    These two nuclear power plants   SAFEGUARDS, P28         MAPS, P28
         Foreign Cricket Players Hail   India Deploys Armed Surveillance Drones along LoC                                        Facebook Celebrates Women’s
              Pakistan Security                                                                                                     Day with Malala Quote

                                      Islamabad:  Aerial sur-
                                      veillance drones manu-
                                      factured  in  the  United
                                      States  are  being  deployed
                                      by  India  against  Pakistan
                                      for surveillance along the
                                      Line of Control in Poonch
                                      and Rajouri Sectors of
                                      Indian-held Kashmir, ac-
                                      cording to sources.
         Hong Kong: Foreign cricket  players   A data center of                                                                  Washington:  The world celebrat-
        have endorsed the return of interna-  these drones has been es-                                                          ed the International Women’s Day
        tional cricket to Pakistan after their   tablished in Srinagar for                                                       Wednesday to honor political, so-
        whirlwind trip to Lahore for Sun-  monitoring, processing                                                                cial, cultural and political achieve-
        day’s Pakistan Super League final.  and disseminating data to                                                            ments of women all over the world.
            “Security was really tight,” West   deployed troops, a source                                                           International Women’s Day
        Indian Darren Sammy told AFP in   familiar with the develop-                                                             was the trending topic on differ-
        Hong Kong, where he is playing this   ment said.                                                                         ent social media websites. Google
        week’s T20 Blitz competition.     India’s drone inven-  “The drones, which can reach anywhere in Pakistan, obviously can heighten the tensions and   introduced a doodle to mark the
                                                             increase the risk of a conflagration,” said defense analyst Lt. General (retd) Talat Masood
            “I only thought about security   tory currently comprises                                                            occasion and social media giant
        when I was on the bus,” added the   mostly surveillance-only   could  more  likely  strike   Delhi immediately blame   to have shot down an In-  Facebook  honored  women  by  cel-
        two-time World Twenty20-winning   models made by Israel   in Pakistan to retaliate   on Islamabad.  dian spy drone in Azad   ebrating their contributions.
        captain, who led Peshawar Zalmi to   but with the acquisition   after any terrorist attack   In July 2016, the   Jammu & Kashmir (AJK),   As soon as one accessed Face-
        PLAYERS, P28                  of armed drones India   which  leaders  in  New   Pakistan Army claimed   DRONES, P28      MALALA, P28

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