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P4  –  PAKISTAN LINK  –  MARCH 10,  2017                                                                                              OPINION
         Pakistan Link                  Musharraf’s Four-point Formula:  The Devil in the Details

                   President              n By Dr Ghulam Nabi Fai
               Arif Zaffar Mansuri          Washington, DC
                                         Four-point Formula does not
                                         want to resolve the Kashmir
                    Editor            “dispute but to dissolve it.” -
            Akhtar Mahmud Faruqui     Ambassador Yusuf Buch
                                                      Abba Eban, an
                                                  international  dip-
          Editor Urdu Link & Bureau Chief (Pakistan)  lomat is reported
                Shabbir Ghori                     to have once said,
                      “History teaches us
                                                  that men and na-
               Resident Editor Urdu Link          tions behave wisely
              & Director Video Operations         once they exhaust
                Anwar Khawaja         all other alternatives.” That wisdom
                                      was apparent when, in 1995, Mian
                                      Nawaz Sharif, Prime Minister of
              Director Advertising & Sales  Pakistan reportedly told India’s then
                Dr Hawa Vahed         Prime Minister Inder Kumar Gujral
                                      at Male: “We cannot take Kashmir by
              Regional Offices        force, and you cannot give it peace-
                                      fully; we have to find a way to span
                                      the distance.”
                    YKKB                  Clearly, the  frustration created   the ‘Four-point Formula’ says that   sovereignty over Kashmir.”  should be bold enough to say exactly
            by what could easily be characterized   borders cannot be withdrawn. That   Self-governance, undoubtedly   what it is, i.e., that the formula gives
                  Sacramento, CA      a standoff is a case that argues quite   is a very loaded phrase. That means   has broad meaning. Self-governance   the  people  of  Kashmir  only  choice
                Shahid Hussain        convincingly for taking steps toward   that the Line of Control should in   means freedom, independence and   and that is to be part of India. There
                  530-933-8181        diplomacy on the issue of Kashmir.   fact be established permanently as an   autonomy. It means that the people   are no ifs, ands, or buts about it. This
              San Fransisco/Bay Area, CA  The expression of that frustration   international border. Such an option   would be makers of their destiny.   is only a slightly broader version of
                M. Akhtar Shah        through  military  might,  cross-bor-  is an insult to the intelligence of the   It also means that one has to be the   Article  370  drafted  in  1949  which
                  415-756-3664        der shootings, arrests, rapes, disap-  Kashmiri people.     shaper of one’s future. So, the term   today practically has become mean-
                  New York, NY        pearances, and shooting the eyes out   The subject was brought up   self-governance  by  itself  is  not  an   ingless.
                Jahangir Lodhi        of teenaged protesters with pellets   when I had an opportunity some-  issue but the concept of self-gover-  Famed jurist and author, A.
                  646-696-7126        from shotguns has long been proven   time back to meet with Congressman   nance within the parameters of the   G. Noorani is correct when he said
       to be a failure.            Gary Ackerman, Democrat from   Four-point Formula is. It is prob-  on November 2, 2009 (The Hindu),
                   Houston, TX            All the bloodletting this past   New York, who was the Chairman,   lematic because under this plan, self-  “The solution (of Kashmir) should
                   Phoenix, AZ        summer in the Valley of Kashmir   House Foreign Relations Committee   governance excludes the option of   be such that a Kashmiri leader could
      simply led to greater polarization   on South Asia. He was considered to   freedom or independence. In fact, it   announce it in Lal Chowk.” I totally
                  Ontario, Canada     and has only further distanced the   be a friend of India. In fact, President   clearly says that the people of Kash-  agree with Mr Noorani. If a person
      dispute  from  resolution.  Former   Clinton, after having visited India,   mir will be given self-governance   genuinely believes that the Four
                                      Home Minister P. Chidambaram   told Congressman Ackerman that   without independence. Will India   Point formula is the only way out,
             Letters to the Editor    said recently to have felt that he had   he was more known in India than he   retain the power to tax the Kash-  let him announce in Lal Chowk that
          Readers are welcome to express their opinion   “a sinking feeling that Kashmir was   himself (Clinton).  miris?  Will people have a hand in   this form of self-governance is not
          in these columns. Please keep your letters   nearly lost for India because the cen-  Congressman Ackerman told   the politics and influence who has   what we were striving for. Self-gov-
          brief and to the point.  Letters without full   tral government used brute force to     the mandate to rule? Will they pass   ernance is neither freedom nor in-
          name, complete address, and a daytime
          phone  number  will  not  be  published.   quell dissent there.”                        new laws which infringe on the   dependence. Self-governance is the
          Also, copies of letters sent to other news-  There have been numerous   Those who believe that the   limited self-rule the Kashmiris pos-  declaration that Azad Kashmir is an
          papers are not encouraged. Letters can be
          mailed, faxed or e-mailed to the Editor at   attempts, certainly, in the past to   people of Kashmir should   sess?  Where does self-rule begin and   integral part of Pakistan and Jammu
          the Pakistan Link Headquarters address   present proposals for resolving this           where does it end, if Kashmir does   & Kashmir that of India. Let there
                   listed below.                                    accept the Musharraf Four-
          Pakistan  Link  (ISSN  1074-0406)  is  pub-  dispute, but none has seemed to            not possess sovereignty over its land?  be a referendum and the people of
          lished weekly for $65 a year by JAZ LLC,                    point formula should be
               DBA PL Publications, LLC,   take hold. The revival now of Mush-                        The drafters of the four-point   Kashmir should get a chance to de-
          1501 North Raymond Avenue,  Anaheim,   arraf’s Four Point Formula which   bold enough to say exactly   formula have been quite conscious   cide. If they vote in favor of the for-
                   CA 92801.
          Periodical postage paid at Anaheim, CA   was widely discussed in 2006 has   what it is, i.e., that the   of the sentiments of the people of   mula that verdict must be final and
             and additional mailing offices.  again been raised as a solution that                Kashmir. They knew that the re-  acceptable to all.
           POST MASTER: Send address changes to
          Pakistan Link, P O Box 1238,  Anaheim, CA   offers the most promise of hope to  formula gives the people of   sistance to foreign occupation that   However, I still believe that in
                    92815             those who have grown weary of the   Kashmir only choice and   began  in  1931  and  continues  un-  order to reach an imaginative settle-
          The management has the right to refuse
          to print any advertisement, news, article,   struggle and are willing to accept se-     til  now  does  not  accept  de-facto   ment of the Kashmir dispute, all par-
          letter  or  any  other  material.  In  case  of   rious compromises in the interest of   that is to be part of India.   rule by any country over Kashmir.   ties concerned – Governments of In-
          any errors in advertisement the manage-
          ment will not be liable for more than the   alleviating some suffering.  There are no ifs, ands, or   Therefore, they wanted to play a lin-  dia and Pakistan and the leadership
          amount paid for the advertisement to the
                     Link.                So  let’s  look  at  the  proposed   buts about it. This is only a   guistic game and came up with the   of the people of Kashmir - will have
          Advertisements in Pakistan Link are   compromise.  General Musharraf’s                  idea of self-governance which is a   to show flexibility. But in the Four-
          placed in good faith. The newspaper is not                 slightly broader version of
          responsible nor endorses the contents of   Four-point formula involves the fol-         deceptive and misleading term that   point formula the only party which
          any advertisement. In case of a frivolous   lowing:       Article 370 drafted in 1949   gives an appearance of sovereignty   becomes a sacrificial lamb and shows
          lawsuit, the plaintiff will bear the total cost
          of the suit, including but not limited to the   1.  Demilitarization or phased   which today practically has   without any substance. It is purely   flexibility and makes sacrifice are the
            Link’s costs and the attorney’s fees.  withdrawal of troops                           a  mask.  It  prohibits  further  discus-  people of Kashmir. That should not
                                          2.  There will be no change of   become meaningless     sion on the subject of independence   be an option.  The demand for self-
                                      borders of Kashmir. However, peo-                           and promotes internalization of the   determination is greater now than it
               Information for        ple of Jammu & Kashmir will be al-  me in 2000 that he had a proposal for   Kashmir dispute. Without actual   has been in many years.  It’s time for
                 Subscribers          lowed to move freely across the Line   the settlement of Kashmir. If we pur-  sovereignty for Kashmir, under the   all parties to recognize the realities
           The printing of Pakistan Link is unfail-  of Control.    sue it, he said, each party, India, Pak-  Four-point formula, the people of   on the ground, see the need to in-
           ingly completed by Wednesday every   3.  Self-governance without in-  istan and Kashmir, will benefit. No   Kashmir will have to accept the su-  clude the Kashmiri leadership at the
           week and its copies are handed over to   dependence      one will lose. Each of them will be   premacy and rule of India over their   table, and begin to negotiate in good
           the mailing house for prompt dispatch
           to the subscribers.  The Link should   4.  A joint supervision mecha-  a winner. That seemed like a sound   lives, and the possibility of that being   faith for the durable and permanent
           reach its destination on time if there is   nism in Jammu and Kashmir involv-  idea and I asked him to explain his   eroded by whatever whim, fancy or   solution of the Kashmir dispute. -
           no delay at the post office. If a delay is
           occasioned it is in no way attributable   ing India, Pakistan and Kashmir.  proposal. To my astonishment, he   circumstance may intervene in the
           to the performance of Link’s manage-  Let us analyze these four points.  proposed that the Line of Control be   future. Perhaps self-governance now,
           ment. In case of delayed receipt of Pak-                                                                                              Views and
           istan Link or missing issues, please con-  Demilitarization is an option   accepted as an international border.  designed and managed by external
           tact your local Post Office and submit a    that was suggested by the United Na-   “You just told me, Congress-  powers, which is subject to the will of   opinions
               “Publication Watch” form.  tions and in particular by Sir Owen   man that in your proposal no party   those foreign powers without due re-  expressed
                                      Dixon of Australia. This has been   would be a loser. But if we accept the   spect for the sovereignty of Kashmir   by authors
              PAKISTAN LINK           the demand of the leadership of the   Line of Control as an international   and all the international protections   and con-
               Headquarters           Kashmiri resistance that demilitar-  border. India is not a loser because   that accompany it, has the appear-  tributors
                                                                                                                                                 in articles,
              P O Box 1238,  Anaheim, CA 92815  ization from both sides of the Cease-  it is in fact still in possession of the   ance of a step in the right direction   letters, opinion pieces,  reports,
                 Tel: 714-400-3400    fire Line will pave the way for a se-  State of Jammu & Kashmir. Pakistan   but on an extremely slippery slope.
                 Fax: 714-400-3404    rious and thoughtful solution to the   is not a loser either, because it has   Self-governance is a mere illusion:   advertisements, etc appearing
             E-Mail:  Kashmir dispute.      held on to Azad Kashmir and Gilgat   what is given can be taken away,   in Pakistan Link and Urdu Link
                                          Yes, the Line of Control is in fact   & Baltistan. The only party which is   when it does not in fact include true   are their own. The paper neither
                                                                                                                                shares nor endorses them and
               Pakistan Office        a line of conflict which needs to be   a loser is the people of Kashmir who   sovereignty.   thus should not be held respon-
                 42 Rehman Court      eroded so that the people of Kashmir   get nothing except the imposition of   Those who believe that the   sible for the views/opinions of
            Plaza Square,  Off  M. A.  Jinnah Road  can move freely from one area to the   rule by both India and Pakistan. And   people of Kashmir should accept   the writers & advertisers.
               Karachi-74400, Pakistan  other. But the problem arises when   your proposal will legitimize Indian   the  Musharraf  Four-point  formula
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