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P8  –  PAKISTAN LINK  –  MARCH 10,  2017                                                                                              OPINION
               n By Syed Kamran Hashmi                Operation Radd ul Fassad
                     Westfield, IN                                                                                       be kept in mind. Why? Because, we can-
                                                                                                                         not attempt to put out fire and add fuel
             ahore  shudders  with  terror  again.                                                                       to the fire at the same time. It does not
             Completing the whole circle across                                                                          make sense. We as a nation will have to
        LPakistan, the blast struck a plaza in the                                                                       decide whether we want to make some-
        upscale market of Defense Housing Author-                                                                        one else’s faith our own problem, the
                    ity (DHA) last week, tearing                                                                         state’s problem, the problem of the soci-
                    down the whole building,                                                                             ety or we want to leave the matter of reli-
                    killing eight people, injuring                                                                       gious persuasions up to the individual to
                    dozens, and setting off rip-                                                                         choose whichever God he or she wishes to
                    ples of fear coursing through                                                                        prostrate before, and decide wherever he
                    the provincial capital - one                                                                         or she wants to offer prayers at a mosque,
                    more time.                                                                                           church or a temple. If we choose the for-
            Just a day before this tragedy, peo-                                                                         mer option, we will see more of what we
        ple’s spirits were uplifted by the renewed                                                                       have seen in the last thirty days no matter
        commitment of the armed forces who                                                                               how firmly we perform operation clean
        announced to launch the more powerful                                                                            up. However, if we go for the latter choice
        version of Zarb e Azab, Operation Radd                                                                           we still can try our good fortune to come
        ul Fassad, to uproot terrorism once and                                                                          out from the current situation. Sadly, I
        for all.                                                                                                         have not seen our society moving even an
            The question that emerged after that                                                                         inch towards that objective.
        was if Zarb e Azab had done so well as it                                                                            Then  how  can  I  call  myself  as  opti-
        was claimed, then why its name needed to                                                                         mistic? Simple: I base my judgment on
        be changed. Or is it going to be an entirely                                                                     the basic principle of economics: first, I
        different project altogether? Not getting                                                                        find where the financial incentive is, and
        a good explanation from the top, I came   cost. Furthermore, they would extend   kids’ lives or education, a choice that I   second, I search for the association of the
        up with my own: I think of the latest as-  the area of operation to include Punjab   hope we never have to make again.  ‘deep state’ with that incentive. I believe
        sault as the iPhone 7 version of the Apple   as well, the largest province that notori-  Even in these circumstances, if asked   they have realized that economic growth
        mobile phone introduced one year after   ously has been safeguarded from military   about the level of commitment of the es-  and prosperity depend upon keeping
        the success of iPhone 6s which came one   actions unlike the rest of the three smaller   tablishment to eliminate terrorism, with   peace especially in the absence of any hope
        year after the iPhone 6, all of them look-  provinces who have faced one army op-  some cautious optimism, I would say they   of the influx of US dollars to export jihad-
        ing similar but the latest one is more ad-  eration after another for decades.  are fully committed. The caution I ob-  ism. Then they have got the additional re-
        vanced and is equipped with a  stronger   So when the news of the blast ap-  serve is because I still do not see any ac-  sponsibility of protecting Chinese invest-
        hardware  than  the  older  versions!  Here,   peared on the television screens on day   tion against the sectarian, banned outfits.   ments as well. But more importantly, over
        I must apologize for my example from   two of Radd ul Fassad, Lahoris felt their   For one reason or another, no one men-  the last three years, with the combination
        a private business firm, however, the as-  hearts sinking, their spirits plunging.   tions their name, no one discusses their   of two Sharifs- one focused on economic
        sociation between Pakistani Military and   More than the law enforcing agencies to   involvement in sowing the seed of intoler-  recovery while the other peering at re-
        business is so close that I could not resist   them it seemed the jihadis were prepared   ance, no one recalls their hatred towards   storing peace-they have seen the glimpse
        the temptation.                       to take the offensive and win the war. No   minority sects. If long lasting peace stays   of our potential: the booming real estate
            Anyway, the officials proclaimed that   sooner had the children watched the im-  the main objective of the administration   sector, the soaring stock exchange and the
        now, what to talk about the planners and   ages, then they too refused to go to school   then it has to severe all alleged ties with   expanding industrial growth. It means if
        executioners, even the supporters and   asking their parents if they would return   such organizations up to the last thread,   Pakistan wants to keep the same pace of
        abetters would not be spared. Everyone   home alive. Don’t get me wrong, parents   not as a matter of choice but as a matter   recovery, law and order has to be guaran-
        in the network, no matter how peripheral   felt unsettled and unsafe sending them as   of necessity. In the presence of even a re-  teed, the only way through which all the
        their role may have been, would have to   well. Tears rolling down their eyes, they   mote association between the two, we can   components of their ‘economic empire’
        face justice. Peace has to prevail at every   did not know if they should risk their   achieve anything but peace. This has to   can run smoothly.

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