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         The US Contagion                        Quaid-i-Azam                             UN Chief Selects                         For news,

         – From Trump                            and the                                  Malala for Top                           updated round
                                                                                                                                   the clock, visit
          to Modi                                Tribal Areas                             Honor                          

          Shura Council Mourns the     US Recognizes Pakistan’s Sacrifi ces                                                       Panama Verdict Will Be Law
          Victims of Attacks in Egypt                                                                                               for Centuries: SC Judge

        Garden  Grove, CA: Th  e Islamic                                                                                        Islamabad: Th  e Supreme Court on
        Shura Council of Southern Califor-                                                                                      Tuesday observed that the decision
        nia sends condolences to the fami-                                                                                      in the Panama Leaks case would
        lies of victims of suicidal bombings                                                                                    be as per the law and it would be
        at two Coptic Churches in Egypt                                                                                         remembered for centuries. It was a
        and condemns this heinous crime,                                                                                        matter of law, not a person, it added.
        says a statement issued by the Coun-                                                                                        Th  e remarks were passed when
        cil Chairman Dr Muzammil H. Sid-                                                                                        a fi ve-member Supreme Court
        diqi . Th  e statement reads:                                                                                           bench headed by Justice Ejaz Afzal
            Th  e Islamic Shura Council of                                                                                      Khan was hearing Nespak, Lahore
        Southern California learnt with sad-                                                                                    Development  Authority,  Punjab
        ness, this Sunday, April 9, the news                                                                                    Transit Authority and Punjab Gov-
        of the suicidal bomb attacks at two                                                                                     ernment appeals against a Lahore
        Coptic  Churches in  Egypt and the                                                                                      High Court verdict in the Metro
        death and injury of many innocent                                                                                       Train Project case.
        people. We express our condolences                                                                                          Khawaja Ahmed Husain, coun-
        for the victims’ families.                                                                                              sel for a civil society group, submit-
            We condemn this violence                                                                                            ted that Justice Asif Saeed Khan
        against a religious minority, and es-                                                                                   Khosa, who was heading the bench
        pecially in their places of worship.                                                                                    hearing the Panama Leaks case, had
        All  religious  minorities and  places                                                                                  said  at  the  conclusion  of  the  hear-
        of worship of all religions should be                                                                                   ing the court judgment would be in
        respected and protected.      US Ambassador David Hale appreciated Pakistan Army’s contribution to regional peace and stability during a meeting with   accordance with the law and will be
            We hope the authorities will   Chief of Army Staff Qamar Javed Bajwa on Tuesday, according to a statement released by the Inter-Services Public Relations   quoted for 20 years. Th  e counsel said
        soon fi nd those who were respon-                                                                                       he hoped for the same kind of judg-
        sible for this crime and bring them   n By Anwar Iqbal  this year as recognition of   port Funds (CSF), which   aside for this purpose in  ment in the train case.
        to justice. We urge and pray for the                 the  signifi cant  sacrifi ces   reimburses Pakistan for   the US fi scal year 2016,   On this, Justice Ejaz Afzal re-
        peaceful coexistence of all people   Washington, DC: Th  e US   the Pakistani military has   providing logistical, mili-  which ended on Sept 30,  marked that the judgment in the
        of diverse faiths and cultures in the   Department of Defense   made in the fi ght against   tary, and other support to   and covers the services  Panama Leaks case would be re-
        world.                        said on Tuesday that it au-  terrorism.       US operations in Afghani-  provided from January to  membered for centuries. It is perti-
            Th  e Islamic Shura Council is an   thorized the disbursement   Th  e money comes   stan.     June 2015.            nent to mention here that three
        SHURA, P28                    of $550 million to Pakistan   from the Coalition Sup-  Th  is  amount was  set   SACRIFICES, P9  VERDICT, P28
           Pakistan Desires Good       Pakistanis Hail President Trump’s Pick for Secretary of Transportation
         Relations with All Neighbors

        Risalpur:  Prime Minister Nawaz
        Sharif said Tuesday that Pakistan is
        a peace-loving country and desires
        good relations with all countries,
        particularly its neighbors.
            Addressing the passing out
        parade of graduating cadets at the
        Pakistan Air Force Academy (PAF)
        Asghar Khan in Risalpur, the prime
        minister said Pakistan, despite its
        desire for peaceful co-existence, was
        not oblivious to its duties.
            He said cooperation, rather
        than confl ict, and shared prosperity,
        rather than mutual suspicion, is the
        hallmark of Pakistan’s policy.
            He noted that the PAF, besides
        guarding the airspace of the country,   From left: Secretary Chao and Elizabeth Dole, Secretary Chao,  Senator Mitch McConnell, Virginia Governor Terry McAulif, and Senate Committee Chairman John Thune
        has played a critical role in Opera-
        tion Zarb-i-Azb.                      n By Anila Ali        dergrads as fellows in the program.   tary Chao and her family’s leader-  At  the  Welcome  Ceremony,
            Th  e nation has full trust in the                      Secretary Elaine Chao, has served as   ship of the APA community, I was   Honorable  Elaine  S.  Chao,  and
        country’s armed forces, he said, as-  Irvine, CA: Th  e ILF is a non-profi t   the Honorary Chair of ILF for many   honored to attend the Welcome   members of the House and Senate,
        suring the government’s full support   that promotes the civic engagement   years.        Ceremony for 18th US Secretary of   along with the Asian Pacifi c Com-
        in equipping the forces to address   of Asian Pacifi c Americans and the   As a Pakistani American wom-  Transportation recently in Washing-  munity, gathered to celebrate
        PAKISTAN, P28                 ILF has had many Pakistani un-  an, who has been inspired by Secre-  ton DC.              SECRETARY, P19

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