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                                                                                                                                  updated round
        Embark on                                Leaders Are in                           ‘Incomplete Tax                           the clock, visit
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                                        Nawaz Sharif Leaves for London                                                           Assertive Abbasi Makes

                                                                                                                                    His Presence Felt

                                                                                                                                     n  By Sardar Sikander
                                                                                                                                Islamabad:  Till a few weeks ago
                                                                                                                                no one would have thought that the
                                                                                                                                PML-N would be able to find a re-
                                                                                                                                placement for Nawaz Sharif, the de-
                                                                                                                                posed prime minister.
                                                                                                                                    But this seems to be happening
          Two Million Muslims                                                                                                   now. Prime Minister Shahid Khaqan
         Begin Hajj in Makkah                                                                                                   Abbasi  is  making  his  presence  felt
                                                                                                                                since assuming office on August 1.
        Makkah:  More than two million                                                                                              The change of command at the
        Muslims from around the world be-                                                                                       top level has caused a visible shift in
        gan Hajj on Wednesday.                                                                                                  the pattern of governance – from be-
            On the esplanade of Makkah’s                                                                                        ing apparently passive to proactive.
        Grand Mosque, the excitement was                                                                                            Abbasi  is  holding  marathon
        palpable as crowds from all four                                                                                        meetings these days to get familiar
        corners of the world gathered for a                                                                                     with the issues related to governance.
        pilgrimage that all able Muslims are                                                                                    From chairing early morning huddles
        required to perform at least once in                                                                                    of his kitchen cabinet to late night
        their lives.                                                                                                            meetings  with  government  officials,
            Wearing the simple garb of the                                                                                      party lawmakers and supporters, Ab-
        pilgrim, the faithful waited at dawn   Punjab Chief Minister Shehbaz Sharif and other party members were present to see off the former prime minister  basi is assuming the role of an asser-
        with their suitcases for buses to take                                                                                  tive and authoritative PM.
        them to Mina five kilometers to the   Lahore:  Former prime minister   curity. All routes to the airport were   League-Nawaz (PML-N) leader Asif   Those  assigned  important  re-
        east.                         Nawaz Sharif left for London on   sealed, and security agencies were   Kirmani also reached the airport   sponsibilities in the federal govern-
            There, hundreds of thousands   Wednesday to see his ailing wife   on high alert. Cellular phones of the   along with other party members s to   ment  realize  a visible  change in  the
        will gather before setting off on   Kulsoom Nawaz who has been diag-  staff that was on duty were taken   see off their former party chairman.   style of governance adopted by Abbasi
        Thursday at dawn to climb Mount   nosed with throat cancer.  away as well.                    It was learnt that Nawaz wanted    as against Sharif, his predecessor.
        Arafat, the pinnacle of Hajj.     Nawaz reached Lahore’s old air-  Punjab Chief Minister (CM)   to board the plane from the   Unlike Sharif, who followed a
        HAJJ, P28                     port from Jati Umra amid strict se-  Shehbaz Sharif and Pakistan Muslim   NAWAZ, P28      ABBASI, P28
           9 Ways You Can Help        Texas Muslims Turn Mosques into Shelters to Help Victims                                     ICNA Relief Deploys
        Hurricane Harvey Victims                                                                                                   Disaster Relief Team
               n By Chris Morris         n By Anna Swartz                                                                       Houston:  As the devastation of
                                                                                                                                Hurricane Harvey unfolds in the
         Houston: The situation in Houston   Houston:  As devastat-                                                             media we see many victims trying
         and other parts of Southeast Texas   ing flooding from Har-                                                            to escape their homes while trapped
         continues to worsen – and the peo-  vey continued around the                                                           in waist-deep water. Hurricane Har-
         ple there need help.         Houston area on Tuesday,                                                                  vey has caused massive flooding in
            Corporations and celebrities   the city’s Muslim com-                                                               southern Texas already, but it’s not
         are chipping in, but the relief efforts   munity stepped up: turn-                                                     over yet.  50 inches  of rain are ex-
         really depend more on individual   ing mosques into 24-hour                                                            pected in the next couple of days.
         donations and acts of charity. As   shelters and bringing in                                                               ICNA Relief’s Disaster Relief
         much of the nation watches the di-  diapers, water and food                                                            Services is deploying its national
         saster unfold from the comfort of its   from their own homes.                                                          disaster relief team to the state and
         living room, there are a multitude of   M.J. Khan, president                                                           readying its local resources to re-
         ways you can lend aid to victims of   of the Islamic  Society of                                                       spond to this storm. The local ICNA
         the storm, even if you’re in the midst   Greater Houston — an or-                                                      Relief office in Houston has already
         of a financial crunch yourself.  ganization that represents                                                            begun reaching out to its neighbors
            Here are a few of the ways you   21 Islamic centers in the                                                          in case they need assistance.
         can help:                    area — said in a phone call                                                                   The national team is monitor-
            Red Cross – The relief orga-  on Tuesday that four of                                                               ing the storm while maintaining
         nization has put the call out for   ISGH’s member mosques                                                              communication  with  government
         cash donations and is launching   are now open as round-                                                               agencies and relief organizations
         blood drives. If you’d prefer to give   the-clock shelters.                                                            who are responding to the hur-
         cash, you can do so online, calling   “This is an obliga-                                                              ricane.  The  Houston  chapters  of
         1-800-RED-CROSS or, if you text   tion, a religious obligation                                                         ICNA and ICNA Relief have begun
         “HARVEY” to 90999, you can make   to help others,” Khan                                                                reaching out by setting and assisting
         HELP, P28                    SHELTERS, P28                                                                             ICNA, P28

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