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P4  –  PAKISTAN LINK  –  SEPTEMBER 1,  2017                                                                                           OPINION
         Pakistan Link                  n By Mowahid Hussain Shah                           70th in Washington

                                            midst Trump’s newly enun-
                   President                ciated hardline tone toward
               Arif Zaffar Mansuri APakistan, a timely gather-
     ing unusual in its scope and focus
                                                  convened  in the
                                                  greater Washing-
                    Editor                        ton area to hail
            Akhtar Mahmud Faruqui                 Pakistan’s  70th
                                                      The   driving
          Editor Urdu Link & Bureau Chief (Pakistan)  force behind the
                Shabbir Ghori         well-choreographed event was La-
          hore-based industrialist, Javed Ela-
                                      hi.  It was facilitated by Haji Afzal,
               Resident Editor Urdu Link   proprietor of the popular Pakistani
              & Director Video Operations  bistro, Ravi Kabob.
                Anwar Khawaja             The catalyst behind the event
                                 A section of the gathering                                                               Ladies standing up for the national anthems of Pakistan and America
                                      was a sense that a positive mes-
                                      sage can energize and motivate the
                 Sana Shaikh          Washington-based  Pakistani  com-
             Manager  Sales  &  Advertising    munity.
                                          To that end, a tightly-edited
              Regional Offices        movie  documentary  highlighting
                                      the flowering of Muslim nation-
                                      hood and the horrendous sufferings
                    YKKB              and sacrifices pursuant to Pakistan’s
            creation served as a refresher course
                  Sacramento, CA      to the packed audience.
                Shahid Hussain            It was a well-blended event,
                  530-933-8181        comprising a broad spectrum of
              San Fransisco/Bay Area, CA  the community, and including
                M. Akhtar Shah        the young, the old, women, chil-
                  415-756-3664        dren,  and elements  of  mainstream   From left: Teacher of the Year Colleen Osgood describing her experiences during her Lahore visit, Javed Elahi delivering his key-
                                                                    note address, and 70th Birthday Cake of Pakistan
                  New York, NY        American society eager to hear how
                Jahangir Lodhi        Pakistan was envisioned and what it   migrating to Pakistan. Colleen Os-  thrice, thus observing first-hand   freedom struggles around the
                  646-696-7126        meant today.                  good, honored as teacher of the year   the family values, warmth, and hos-  globe, including Kashmir and Pal-
         In the audience was Riaz and   by the White House, spoke  mov-  pitality that bind Pakistani society.  estine, which were striving to shed
                   Houston, TX        Sultana Qureshi, originally from                                In an impassioned keynote   the shackles of occupation but were
                                    It was a well-blended
                   Phoenix, AZ        Rawalpindi and now Maryland-                                speech, Javed Elahi, while reflecting   bereft of leadership of the calibre
      based, whose son, Abid Qureshi,   event, comprising a   on the struggle for freedom spear-  of Quaid-i-Azam Mohammed Ali
                  Ontario, Canada     became the first Muslim to be                               headed by the Quaid, exhorted   Jinnah.  Emphasis was also placed
      nominated for a federal judge-  broad spectrum of the   the Pakistani community here to   on what needs to be done now to
                                      ship by President Obama.  From   community, and including   remain alert and engaged, while   confront the living challenges of to-
             Letters to the Editor    the Tri-State area (New York, New   the young, the old, women,   warning the privileged beneficia-  day, especially so, when Trump has
          Readers are welcome to express their opinion   Jersey, Connecticut) came former         ries back home about the perils of   pointed to Pakistan as one “pillar of
          in these columns. Please keep your letters   Test cricketer and pioneering com-  children, and elements   ingratitude.    new US strategy” in South Asia.
          brief and to the point.  Letters without full   munity activist, Shahid Mahmood,            Tasked to conclude, I cited the   Pakistan was well-represented
          name, complete address, and a daytime                       of mainstream American
          phone  number  will  not  be  published.   nephew  of  Muslim  League  lumi-            fact that today there are 57 Mus-  through delectable cuisine served
          Also, copies of letters sent to other news-  nary Nawab Ismail Khan.  Shahid’s          lim countries representing 1.7 bil-  by Haji Afzal of Ravi Kabob, which
          papers are not encouraged. Letters can be                   society eager to hear how
          mailed, faxed or e-mailed to the Editor at   niece, Huma Abedin, is chief-of-           lion population, but with negligible   was savored with gusto by the gath-
          the Pakistan Link Headquarters address   staff to Hillary Clinton.  Pakistan was envisioned   global impact.  70 years ago, the   ering,  and  cutting  of  a  cake  fes-
                   listed below.
          Pakistan  Link  (ISSN  1074-0406)  is  pub-  A survivor from the carnage   and what it meant today  Quaid represented a force of 1, yet   tooned with an edible rendering of
          lished weekly for $85 a year by JAZ LLC,
               DBA PL Publications, LLC,   of Partition was Ghulam Rabbani,                       was able to move mountains despite   Pakistan’s flag.
          1501 North Raymond Avenue,  Anaheim,   86, who spoke of his being an eye-  ingly of how she was inspired by the   not having the quintessential back-  The moving spirit of the pro-
                   CA 92801.
          Periodical postage paid at Anaheim, CA   witness to the killings.  Delhi-born   cheerful spirit of her friend, Tazeen   ing of Army, America, Capital, and   gram, Javed Elahi, urged the par-
             and additional mailing offices.  Amanullah Khan spoke of the   Sayed, who was battling cancer in   Health.         ticipants to sustain continuity in
           POST MASTER: Send address changes to
          Pakistan Link, P O Box 1238,  Anaheim, CA   trauma he witnessed as a boy while   Lahore  where  Colleen  visited  her   Reference also was made to   celebrating August 14.
          The management has the right to refuse
          to print any advertisement, news, article,   How Pakistan Abandoned Jinnah’s Ideals
          letter  or  any  other  material.  In  case  of
          any errors in advertisement the manage-
          ment will not be liable for more than the
          amount paid for the advertisement to the
                     Link.                   n By Abbas Nasir       might revive his lungs.       immense confusion and ambiguity   stan, and Islam became the religion
          Advertisements in Pakistan Link are                           Jinnah had led the struggle for a   to what he stood for, and rewrote   of the state. Khan had faced some
          placed in good faith. The newspaper is not
          responsible nor endorses the contents of   n Sept. 11, 1948, barely   separate homeland for the Muslims   history so many times, in so many   pressure from the religious right but
          any advertisement. In case of a frivolous   a  year  after  the  birth  of   of the Indian subcontinent from   different ways, that its real history   also naïvely thought that invoking Is-
          lawsuit, the plaintiff will bear the total cost
          of the suit, including but not limited to the  OPakistan, a flight from   1937 to 1947. After World War II   became unrecognizable.  lam would work as a glue to hold the
            Link’s costs and the attorney’s fees.  the  mountainous  town  of  Quetta   weakened the  empire,  Britain  was   A mere six months after Jin-  young country together and provide
                                      bordering Iran and Afghanistan   forced to accept the demand for In-  nah’s death, Prime Minister Liaquat   its leaders room to create a Western-
                                      landed at an Air Force base on   dian independence. Pakistan came   Ali Khan, who had been Jinnah’s   style democracy.
               Information for        the outskirts of Karachi, then the   into being on August 14, 1947. Jin-  deputy, presented a set of principles,   Along with the idea of equal
                 Subscribers          Pakistani  capital. The  plane  car-  nah led the new republic as its first   known as the Objectives Resolution,   citizenship, Jinnah had a clear idea
           The printing of Pakistan Link is unfail-  ried Muhammad Ali Jinnah, the   governor general.  that  established  a framework  for   of the relationship that should ex-
           ingly completed by Wednesday every   founding  father  of  Pakistan,  who   On August 11, 1947, Jinnah   drafting  the  Constitution  of Paki-  ist between the civilian government
           week and its copies are handed over to   was  suffering  from  advanced tu-  had left no room for confusion   stan, which was adopted in 1956.  and the armed forces of Pakistan. On
           the mailing house for prompt dispatch
           to the subscribers.  The Link should   berculosis.       about his idea of Pakistan in his ad-  All  non-Muslim  members  of   June 14, 1948, he addressed a
           reach its destination on time if there is   An ambulance set out with Jin-  dress to the Constituent Assembly of   the constituent assembly opposed   IDEALS, P28
           no delay at the post office. If a delay is
           occasioned it is in no way attributable   nah to his residence in downtown   Pakistan. “You are free, free to go to   the resolution, which they saw as
           to the performance of Link’s manage-  Karachi, 30 minutes away. Halfway   your temples, you are free to go to   flying in the face of Jinnah’s stated   Views  and
           ment. In case of delayed receipt of Pak-                                                                             opinions ex-
           istan Link or missing issues, please con-  to its destination, the ambulance   your mosques or to any other places   views and laying the foundations
           tact your local Post Office and submit a    broke down. There was no backup.   of worship in this state of Pakistan,”   of a theocracy. Mian Iftikharuddin,   pressed  by
               “Publication Watch” form.  Jinnah had to wait for two hours on   he said. “You may belong to any re-  the founder of Progressive Papers   authors  and
                                      a stretcher for a replacement ambu-  ligion or caste or creed — that has   Limited, a publishing group, which   contributors
              PAKISTAN LINK           lance in the oppressive, humid au-  nothing to do with the business of   produced several progressive news-  in  articles,
               Headquarters           tumn heat of the city by the Arabian   the  state.” Jinnah continually em-  papers, was the solitary Muslim   letters, opin-
              P O Box 1238,  Anaheim, CA 92815  Sea. He died later that evening.  phasized equal citizenship for all   member of the assembly who op-
                 Tel: 714-400-3400        The doctors treating Jinnah’s   Pakistanis irrespective of their reli-  posed Khan’s resolution. On March   reports,  ad-
                 Fax: 714-400-3404    tuberculosis  — exacerbated by  his   gion or ethnicity.    12, 1949, after a mere five days of   vertisements,
             E-Mail:  heavy smoking — had sent him to   The wavering of his doctors and   debate,  Jinnah’s  liberal  vision  for   etc appearing in Pakistan
                                      mountainous Quetta hoping the dry   the failure to have a backup ambu-  Pakistan had been scrapped.  Link and Urdu Link are their
               Pakistan Office        weather would help. When his con-  lance on his last journey home is   Prime Minister Khan’s resolu-  own. The paper neither shares
                                                                                                                                nor endorses them and thus
                 42 Rehman Court      dition didn’t improve, they moved   a good metaphor for how his suc-  tion led to changing the name of the   should not be held responsible
            Plaza Square,  Off  M. A.  Jinnah Road  him back to Karachi, alternately   cessors treated Jinnah’s vision for   country from the Republic of Paki-  for the views/opinions of the
               Karachi-74400, Pakistan  hoping the humid sea-level air   Pakistan. They abandoned it, added   stan to the Islamic Republic of Paki-
                                                                                                                                writers & advertisers.
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