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         Govt.’s Surrender                       Community                                A Weeping                                For news,
                                                                                                                                   updated round
         Is a Devastating                        Supports Chiang                          ‘Mother Earth’                             the clock, visit
         Precedent                               for Governor                             Asks of You                    

         Who Settled Terms of Accord                                                                                               Tehrik only ‘Negotiated’
         to End Dharna, Asks Nawaz    Saudi-Led Coalition of Muslim Countries with Army, Not Govt. : Rizvi
        Islamabad: Former prime minister                                                                                        Islamabad:  Tehreek-i-Labaik  Ya
        Nawaz Sharif on Tuesday slated In-                                                                                      Rasool Allah (TLYR) chief Khadim
        terior Minister Ahsan Iqbal for not                                                                                     Hussain Rizvi on Tuesday revealed
        properly handling the Faizabad sit-                                                                                     that it was the army which ensured
        in, asking who was behind the dhar-                                                                                     the government met the protesters’
        na and who settled the terms of the                                                                                     terms.
        accord between the government and                                                                                           “We told them [the govern-
        Tehreek-i-Labaik Ya Rasool Allah.                                                                                       ment] that we cannot talk to you,”
            The former premier chaired an                                                                                       Rizvi told Samaa TV on Tuesday.
        informal consultative meeting of                                                                                        “Then the army came in the middle
        the Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz                                                                                        and our companions met with army
        (PML-N) at the Punjab House where                                                                                       and ISI [Inter-Services Intelligence]
        he discussed, among other matters,                                                                                      bigwigs, generals etc.”
        the  government’s  handling  of the                                                                                         “They told us they will get all
        Faizabad sit-in.                                                                                                        of our demands accepted,” Rizvi
            “If the only solution was the res-                                                                                  said in a startling revelation that
        ignation of law minister, the govern-                                                                                   shed light on why the government
        ment should have taken it by itself;                                                                                    seemed to have capitulated so com-
        the way Zahid Hamid’s resignation                                                                                       pletely to the protesters.
        was taken brought shame and failure                                                                                         Rizvi said that his team never
        for the government,” Nawaz told Ah-                                                                                     met the interior minister — whose
        san Iqbal.                    Saudi Crown Prince and Defense Minister Mohammed bin Salman (C) poses for a group picture with other defense ministers of   signatures were on the agreement
            Iqbal told Nawaz that he would   the 41-member Saudi-led anti-terror force. On extreme left is Gen Raheel Sharif who would lead the coalition force — AFP  — and it “must have been” the army
        brief him alone. Nawaz Sharif in-                                                                                       leadership which got Iqbal  to sign
        quired the key ministers of his party  Riyadh:  Saudi Crown Prince Mo-  Coalition (IMCTC) Ministers of   to capacity shortages of their armed   the document.
        about the alternate plan after police   hammed bin Salman on Sunday   Defense Council is being held under   forces and law enforcement agen-  Meanwhile, Interior Minister
        and paramilitary personnel failed to   opened the first high-level meeting   the theme of ‘Allied Against Terror-  cies,” said Pakistan’s former army   Ahsan Iqbal on Tuesday said that
        disperse the protesters.      of a Kingdom-led coalition of Mus-  ism’.                   chief and the coalition’s military   the agreement that ended the Faiz-
            “Why wasn’t the provision of all   lim nations against terrorism in Ri-  “A number of our  member   commander,  Gen  Raheel  Sharif,  at   abad sit-in had not been desirable,
        the resources ensured before the op-  yadh.                 countries are under tremendous   the event.                 but the government had been left
        eration at the Faizabad Interchange   The  inaugural  meeting of  the   pressure while fighting well-estab-  “The IMCTC will act as a  with little choice in the matter.
        NAWAZ, P28                    Islamic Military Counter Terrorism   lished terrorist organizations due   COALITION, P18  TEHRIK, P28
        Ambassador Aizaz Chaudhry      Quaid-i-Azam’s Bust Unveiled at British Museum                                            ‘Boom, Boom Afridi’ Chants
         Meets Senator Cory Booker                                                                                                   Greet Dhoni in IoK
                                                                                                          prestigious Lincoln’s Inn
                                                                                                          to mark the 70th Indepen-
                                                                                                          dence of Pakistan.
                                                                                                              Khan posted images
                                                                                                          of  the unveil on  Twitter,
                                                                                                          saying  he  was “proud to
                                                                                                          unveil this bronze bust to
                                                                                                          honor the great Muham-
                                                                                                          mad Ali Jinnah.”
                                                                                                              Lincoln’s Inn, where
                                                                                                          Mr Jinnah trained as a
                                                                                                          barrister, will  be the  per-
                                                                                                          manent home of the bust.
        Washington,  DC: Continuing his                                                                       In  a  video  message  Srinagar:  Former Indian cricket
        outreach to the US Congress, Paki-                                                                shared by Pakistan Mis-  team skipper MS Dhoni’s visit to
        stan’s Ambassador to the United                                                                   sion UK on Twitter, Khan  Indian-occupied Kashmir has been
        States, Aizaz Ahmad Chaudhry, met                                                                 said he was “proud to take  generating a lot of headlines in the
        Senator Cory Booker (D-New Jer-                                                                   part in this event, particu-  media.
        sey) at Capitol Hill on  November 28.                                                             larly as someone of Paki-  Apart from talking about the
            Senator Booker is a member of   Mayor Saidq Khan unveils the bust of Quaid-i-Azam Mohammed Ali Jinnah at the British Museum, Lon-  stani heritage.”  India-Pakistan rivalry, the cricketer
        the Senate Foreign Relations Com-  don. On right is Pakistan High Commissioner Ibn e Abbas            “Jinnah is a pivotal  has also been interacting extensively
        mittee.                                                                                           figure  in  history, but  he’s  with youngsters in the conflict-rid-
            The Ambassador briefed Sena-  London:  The  Mayor of   the  bust  of Mr  Muham-  bust will be installed by   also still an inspiration to  den valley, and has followed a busy
        tor Booker on Pakistan’s perspective   London Sadiq Khan, on   mad Ali Jinnah at a British   the Pakistan High Com-  us today – not just to   schedule.
        AIZAZ, P28                     Tuesday night unveiled   Museum in London. The   mission, London, at the   BUST, P28     DHONI, P28

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