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         The Travails of                         Thank God, I Have                        Don’t Malign the                         For news,
                                                                                                                                   updated round
         Empowered                               Been Cleared in                          Judiciary: CJP                             the clock, visit
         Women                                   This Fake Case                           Hits out at Critics            

           Meeting Anger Rabbani Army Not Destabilizing Government                                                                to Step down by Dec 31st
         Media Reports of In-camera                                                                                              Qadri Wants Shahbaz, Sana

        Islamabad: Senate Chairman Mian                                                                                         Lahore:  Pakistan Awami Teh-
        Raza Rabbani on Wednesday criti-                                                                                        reek (PAT) chief Tahirul Qadri
        cised  lawmakers  for allegedly leak-                                                                                   has warned Punjab Chief Minister
        ing details of the in-camera briefing                                                                                   Shahbaz Sharif and provincial Law
        by Army Chief Gen Qamar Javed                                                                                           Minister Rana Sanaullah to resign
        Bajwa, saying they had violated the                                                                                     by Dec 31 or face a protest move-
        sanctity of the upper house by doing                                                                                    ment that would continue till the
        so.                                                                                                                     two lawmakers are ousted.
            Taking notice of the details                                                                                            Addressing traders and mem-
        from the session being made public,                                                                                     bers of civil society, Dr Qadri an-
        Rabbani said Rule 225 prohibits the                                                                                     nounced: “If these two, along with
        publicity of an in-camera session.                                                                                      the other accused government of-
            “If we keep up with the same                                                                                        ficials, do not resign and submit to
        attitude, no one will be able to take                                                                                   the  law, the  PAT would announce
        the  house  into confidence,”  the                                                                                      the schedule of its final showdown.”
        chairman said, adding that senators                                                                                         The PAT chief was of the view
        should know that in-camera sessions                                                                                     that former prime minister Nawaz
        are not spoken about in the public.                                                                                     Sharif was fomenting lawlessness in
            For allegedly breaching the                                                                                         the country by railing against the ju-
        privilege of  the  Senate, Rabbani                                                                                      diciary. This was because Mr Sharif
        forwarded the matter to the House                                                                                       could not obtain a favorable verdict
        Business Advisory Committee.                                                                                            from the courts, he said, wondering
            Rabbani tasked the commit-                                                                                          why state institutions had not yet re-
        tee, which will include leaders of the                                                                                  acted to this language of revolt.
        house and opposition in Senate and   Senate Chairman Mian Raza Rabbani receives Chief of the Army Staff Gen Qamar Javed Bajwa in his chamber at Parliament House on Tuesday  “After December, the final
        parliamentary leaders of all politi-                                                                                    round will begin because no more
        cal parties, to investigate the matter   n By Baqir Sajjad Syed   categorically denied the military’s   nally came to brief the legislators on   delays can be tolerated in justice for
        and devise a strategy for future in-                        role in destabilizing the civilian gov-  national security issues, deliberated   those killed in Model Town three
        camera sessions to prevent similar  Islamabad: Chief of the Army Staff   ernment.          on a wide range of topics from poli-  years ago,” the PAT chief said.
        situations.                   Gen Qamar Javed Bajwa on Tues-    Speaking at an ‘in-camera ses-  tics and frayed civil-military ties to   So far, all major opposition po-
            Objecting to the chairman’s  day reaffirmed his commitment to   sion’ of the Senate Committee of the   counterterrorism operations and   litical parties in the country have
        RABBANI, P27                  democracy and the rule of law and   Whole, the army chief, who origi-  COAS, P27          QADRI, P27
          Indiscriminate Operations    Pakistan Obliged to Help US: President Trump                                              Jemima Khan to Visit
            Have Brought Peace                                                                                                      Pakistan in 2018
        Islamabad:  Pakistan on Tuesday                                                                                         Karachi:  Imran  Khan’s ex-wife
        categorically rejected the allegations                                                                                  Jemima Khan is loved by Pakistanis
        levelled in the Trump administra-                                                                                       all across the country. She has con-
        tion’s first foreign policy announced                                                                                   stantly supported Imran and her
        a day earlier, saying they “trivial-                                                                                    name made the headlines again last
        ize” its counterterrorism efforts and                                                                                   week when the public was waiting to
        sacrifices to promote peace in the                                                                                      hear the verdict in the former crick-
        region.                                                                                                                 eter’s case.
            In an official response to the                                                                                           Now, it has been revealed that
        administration’s new national secu-                                                                                     she’s coming to Pakistan next year.
        rity strategy, which presses on Paki-                                                                                       Guitarist  Salman  Ahmed  told
        stan  to  intensify  its  action  against                                                                               The Express Tribune that he has
        militant groups it alleges are operat-                                                                                  invited Jemima to visit Pakistan in
        ing from Pakistani soil, the Foreign                                                                                    2018. “She has accepted the invita-
        Office (FO) said the “unsubstanti-                                                                                      tion and will be visiting the country
        ated” and “unfounded” allegations                                                                                       after 15 years,” he said.
        are contrary to ground realities and                                                                                        This news comes right after he
        reaffirmed Pakistan’s commitment                                                                                        announced that he will be produc-
        to its counterterrorism efforts.                                                                                        ing a Broadway-style show that will
            “Pakistan rejects such un-  “... we make massive payments every year to Pakistan. They have to help,” said President Trump while addressing the nation  pay tribute to Junoon along with Vi-
        founded accusations that belie facts                                                                                    tal Signs and Nazia and Zoheb.
        on ground and trivialize Pakistan’s   n By Anwar Iqbal      minded Pakistan that it’s obliged   “We have made clear to Paki-  “I’ve already been in talks with
        efforts for fighting terrorism,” said a   Washington,  DC: US President   to help America because it receives   stan that while we desire continued   Zoheb, JJ’s sons, Momina Mus-
        statement issued by FO spokesman   Donald Trump, while unveiling his   “massive payments” from Washing-  partnership, we must see decisive   tehsan, Asim Azhar, Irtaash and a
        OPERATIONS, P27               new national security strategy, re-  ton every year.        TRUMP, P27                    JEMIMA, P27

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