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P10  –  PAKISTAN LINK – DECEMBER  22, 2017                                                                              ADVERTISEMENT

                                                                            KabaFusion is an innovative National Home Infusion

                                                                            company headquartered near Los Angeles, CA. The CEO
                                                                            and Founder, Dr. Sohail Masood, and his leadership

                                                                            team have over 20 years of history managing patients

                                                                            receiving acute and chronic infusion therapies.

                                                                            KabaFusion pharmacists, nurses, and reimbursement

                                                                            specialists work as a team to provide your patient with
                                                                            compassionate, efficient, and reliable care.  Our

                                                                            outcomes exceed those of other providers  while

                                                                            compassion for our patients drives our vision.

                                                                                                          Dr. Sohail Masood, a graduate of USC School
                                                                                                           of Pharmacy, has received several awards
                                                                                                                   and honors over the years.

            Comprehensive Services

                •   ACHC Accredited
                •   Compliant with USP<797> clean room regulations
                    Compliant with USP<797> clean room regulations
                •   24/7 availability
                •   Decades of nursing experience in adult &
                    pediatric services
                •   Specialized care for all Infusion Therapy needs
                •   Flexible RN visit scheduling

                •   RN stays throughout entire infusion
                •   Work with payors to achieve timely & effective
                •   Comprehensive patient financial support:

                    o    KabaFusion-based
                    o    Manufacturer-based
                •   Research collaboration

                •   Physician-based ambulatory infusion center expertise

                                              In affiliation with the Dysimmune Diseaes Foundation (DDF), KabaFusion can assist our physician
                                                                partners with grant funding and collaborate in scientific research

             Pharmacy Locations:                                                                            Home Health Agency:
             CORPORATE           KABAFUSION             HOME CARE SERVICES              IVEDCO              STELLAR HOME HEALTH
             Cerritos, CA        Norwalk, CA            Metuchen, NJ                    Dallas, TX          Cerritos, CA
             P   800.435.3020      P   877.577.4844     P   800.383.8393                P   800.333.0660    P 909.621.5188
             F   562.860.6017      F   877.445.8821     F   732.632.3260                F   972.929.7106    F 909.399.9119

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