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P4  –  PAKISTAN LINK – DECEMBER  22, 2017                                                                                             OPINION
         Pakistan Link                  n By Mowahid Hussain Shah                         Fighting for Pakistan

                                           he unilateral move by Trump
                   President               to recognize Jerusalem as the
               Arif Zaff ar Mansuri    Tcapital of Israel exposes the
     collective failure of Muslim elites to
                                                  forge unity of pur-
                    Editor                        pose.  It augments
            Akhtar Mahmud Faruqui                 a gen d a-dr i ven
               orchestration  of
                                                  hostility  toward
          Editor Urdu Link & Bureau Chief (Pakistan)  Muslims.  Th  is ac-
                Shabbir Ghori                     celerating climate
                                                  of rancor spills
               Resident Editor Urdu Link   over into US-Pakistan relations,
              & Director Video Operations  wherein Washington is showing an
                Anwar Khawaja         increasing propensity to view Paki-
      stan through Indian lenses.
                                          Th  e question then centers on
             Manager  Sales  &  Advertising    what can be done to counteract these
                 Sana Shaikh          challenges.    More  specifi cally,  is  it
       through subcontracting and sublet-
                                      ting the task to a high-priced lob-
                  Advisory Board      bying fi rm – essentially overpaid
               Dr Sohail Masood       mercenaries who have little passion,
                                      pride, or stake in Pakistan and whose
                  Regional Offi  ces  principal motivating factor is when
                                      to collect the next fat paycheck – or
                    YKKB              self-reliance through self-empower-
                                          Dependency on hired guns and
                  Sacramento, CA      borrowed brains may provide a stop-  ing big strategic picture.  one  of the  most  decorated  ships  in   fully register that there are no short-
     gap band-aid, but is hardly a durable   (5) Terror.  From the US stand-  US  naval  history,  the  USS  Liberty,   cuts and no easy route to self-respect
                                      panacea.  It hasn’t worked before and   point, Pakistan allegedly has failed   was relentlessly and deliberately at-  and empowerment.
              San Fransisco/Bay Area, CA
    it is unlikely to work now.  You are   to rein in terrorism.  Washington’s   tacked by Israeli aircraft .  Th  e mas-  America under Trump has
                                      always prone to being outgunned.  blind spots about the blowback con-  sacre of US naval servicemen was   squandered considerable respect and
                  New York, NY            Lest it be forgotten, the Kerry-  sequences of its own original sin of   covered up and is now the subject   leverage at home and abroad.  Moral
      Lugar-Berman bill was draft ed under   launching and embracing groups,   of a new book, “Erasing the Liberty”   defi cit has shrunk the infl uence of
                                      the aegis of highly paid lobbyists for   which now form a pernicious cloud   by Phillip Tourney, which details the   the self-proclaimed “sole superpow-
                   Houston, TX        Pakistan, under the Zardari regime.    hovering over the region and else-  extent of the atrocity, followed by the   er” in the 21st century.  Th  erefore,
                                      Ostensibly, the bill was to assist Paki-  where, cripple the ability to have an   unfathomable travesty of justice in   to look to America for intellectual
                   Phoenix, AZ        stan, but it came loaded with intru-  honest meeting of minds.  the cover-up by Washington.    direction shows poor awareness of
      sive sovereignty-breaching condi-  Meanwhile, the pro-Israeli Lob-  Th  e prime inspiring and teach-  the current tide.  In this connection,
                                      tionalities.                  by is working hand-in-glove with the   able example is that of Muhammad   is a new well-received book (“Notes
                  Ontario, Canada
      Five  important  issues  come  to   Indian Lobby, which has successfully              on a Foreign Country: An American
                                      mind in the context of US-Pakistan   infi ltrated  policymaking  organs  of   Th  e US-based Pakistani   Abroad in a Post-American World”)
                                      relations:                    US state and society, and whose sub-                        by Suzy Hansen, who moved to Is-
             Letters to the Editor            (1) Nukes.  Here Pakistani   tle animus operates as a slow poison.  community in   tanbul and gained an eye-opening
          Readers are welcome to express their opinion   policymakers fumbled, when in re-  Fright has depleted fi ght.   A   particular, and the larger   perspective of America’s toxic role in
          in these columns. Please keep your letters   sponse to the illicit US-India deal of   major hurdle has been a timid mind-  the Mideast as well as a realization of
          brief and to the point.  Letters without full                                             Muslim community in
          name, complete address, and a daytime   2005, they beseechingly asked for the   set.   Self-doubt and low self-esteem   its domestic limitations.
          phone  number  will  not  be  published.   same deal, tantamount to validating   (Iqbal’s Khudi) have contributed to a    Trump’s Jerusalem move is a
          Also, copies of letters sent to other news-                                               general, despite jolting
          papers are not encouraged. Letters can be   it.           posture of self-indoctrinated defeat-                       humiliating insult to Muslims world-
          mailed, faxed or e-mailed to the Editor at                                                reminders, have yet to      wide, by desecrating what they hold
          the Pakistan Link Headquarters address       (2) Kashmir.  Th  e pivotal   ism.  Consequently, Muslim weak-
                   listed below.      resolutions urging fair, free, and full   ness itself lends a helping hand to   fully register that there   dear.  It also insults the vibrant Pales-
          Pakistan  Link  (ISSN  1074-0406)  is  pub-
          lished weekly for $85 a year by JAZ LLC,   plebiscite under UN auspices were   foes who want to overpower them.       tinian  Christian  community,  whose
               DBA PL Publications, LLC.   coauthored and cosponsored by the   20 years ago, it was a huge stig-  are no shortcuts and no   suff erings  under  Occupation  have
          Periodical postage paid at Anaheim, CA   US.  Because of inconsistent and   ma to be gay in America.  Careers   easy route to self-respect   long been ignored by the Christian
             and additional mailing offi  ces.  negligent handling, they have been   were destroyed, people were fi red         West.  But it, however, does give clar-
           POST MASTER: Send address changes to                                                       and empowerment
          Pakistan Link, P O Box 1238,  Anaheim, CA   allowed to twist in the wind, in eff ect,   or not hired, and suicides took place   ity in that America has disqualifi ed
                    92815             rendering them moribund.      among those who were ‘outed’.  Now                          itself as an honest broker for peace.
          The management has the right to refuse
          to print any advertisement, news, article,    (3) China. Th  e US now views   fully empowered, they proudly fl out   Ali, who fought it out not only in the   Under  the  changing  facts,  the
          letter  or  any  other  material.  In  case  of   growing Pak-China ties through the   their lifestyle.  And the once-formi-  ring but outside it as well and today is   unavoidable task is to take up the
          any errors in advertisement the manage-
          ment will not be liable for more than the   threat perception of Delhi-tinted   dable forces arrayed against them,   proclaimed as “the most beloved ath-  cudgels to do what is morally right
          amount paid for the advertisement to the   lenses.        of Church and society, now stand   lete in American history” (vide Joyce   and politically sound.  Inaction is not
          Advertisements in Pakistan Link are    (4) Islamophobia.  State-  thoroughly tamed.  Th  e lesson here   Carol Oates, reviewing ‘Ali: A Life’   an option.  Fighting for Pakistan re-
          placed in good faith. The newspaper is not
          responsible nor endorses the contents of   sponsored Islamophobia under the   is that politicians think twice before   by Jonathan Eig, in New York Times,   quires one quintessential ingredient:
          any advertisement. In case of a frivolous   Trump administration reinforces the   tackling someone who bites back.    December 3, 2017).    a fi ghting spirit.
          lawsuit, the plaintiff  will bear the total cost
          of the suit, including but not limited to the   existing negative perception of Paki-  Passivity encourages bullying   Th  e US-based Pakistani com-  “Let it not be said that we didn’t
            Link’s costs and the attorney’s fees.  stan in Washington circles.  Without   and escalating attacks.  Instructive   munity in particular, and the larger   prove equal to the task” was Quaid’s
                                      comprehending and acknowledging   here is a suppressed saga of the US   Muslim community in general, de-  admonition to his nation.  It remains
                                      this, it is diffi  cult to grasp the evolv-  Navy.  50 years ago, on June 8, 1967,   spite jolting reminders, have yet to   pertinent today as ever.
               Information for
                 Subscribers                       India’s Attempts to Intimidate Neighbors Are Backfi ring
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           ingly completed by Wednesday every   n By Riaz Haq                                     provision and shut its border to put   India because the two share a com-
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               “Publication Watch” form.          tary elections. Th  e                           and other supplies.           contributors
                                                  Nepalese  people                                    Leaders of the Nepali Congress   in  articles,
              PAKISTAN LINK                       have  shown  strong                             which has always been close to New   letters, opin-
               Headquarters                       preference  for  the                            Delhi failed to unequivocally con-  ion pieces, re-
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                                      thirds  majority  in  the  national   In 2015, landlocked Nepal   Nepal is a small landlocked   dorses them and thus should
               Pakistan Offi  ce      legislature. Th  e 2015-16 blockade   passed a new constitution with 90%   country sandwiched between China   not be held responsible for the
                 42 Rehman Court      of Nepal by India appears to have   of the votes in the national legisla-  to the north and India to the South.   views/opinions of the writers
            Plaza Square,  Off   M. A.  Jinnah Road  played a  decisive role in  voters’   ture. India did not like some of its   However, Nepal has had close ties to   & advertisers.
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