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P8  –  PAKISTAN LINK – DECEMBER  22, 2017                                                                                             OPINION
         Travails of Empowered Women                                           “How Can a House that Couldn’t Save Its Own
                                                                                       Constitution Save the Palestinians?”

                                                                            n By Anila Ali
                                                                              Irvine, CA
                                                                       t was quite a day for two Amer-
                                                                       icans educators from Califor-
                                                                    Inia to be sitting in the National
                                                                    Assembly of Pakistan on the day
                                                                    of President Trump’s historic deci-
                                                                    sion on Jerusalem. Although the
                                                                    resolution condemning the US
                                                                    decision passed unanimously, the
                                                                    ruling majority party members
                                                                    were missing from the fl oor. Th  e
                                                                    opposition  called  on  the  govern-
                                                                    ment to “immediately mobilize
                                                                    the OIC, Organization of Islamic
                                                                        A well-spoken Speaker Ayaz
          n By Dr Basheer Ahmed Khan   ain fell a prey to lose her place to Ma- Sadiq opened the debate and many
               Garden Grove, CA        jor without even a fi ght. Only Merkel  members, mostly of opposition
                                       seems to be wearing the shoes of the  parties, made anti-American  state-
           t is unfortunate that eloquence,   elephant in the room, Mr Kohl, longer  ments calling for the Ummah to
           ideas and deportment are lack-  than him and seems to be still going  take a united stand. We saw democ-
        Iing amongst our leaders and   strong. Th  is is because of the maturity  racy in action in Pakistan and that
        their rhetoric is inconsequential. I   of the German People with a long his- was the most important takeaway   From left: Shagufta Jumani, Anila Ali, Speaker Ayaz Sadiq. Dr Gwen Finestone,
                                                                                                  CalSouthern University Syeda Shahida Rahmani NA
        had the same feeling of “time is ripe   tory of entrepreneurial zeal who may  for us.
        my friends” (Your article “Th  e time is   have been Barbarians to those who talk   Another observation was the   vative party chief, Mahmood Khan   cator, was a little apprehensive about
        ripe my friends for making miracles in   the talk and can’t walk.  active presence and participation of   Achakzai, claiming that the Assem-  the calls for protests around the na-
        Pakistan”, Pakistan Link, Dec 8, 2017)   Mahatma  Gandhi  has said:  Men  women in politics. Th  e opposition   bly had shown haste in passing the   tion she heard on the news later on
        when the two female leaders of the   by nurturing the women in them purify  party, PPP, Pakistan People’s Party,   resolution and should have waited   but was most relived to see that most
        Muslim world with poise and grace,   their souls. Men with feminine streak  leading the head count for women   for the OIC Summit to decide on   congregations were rushing to the
        PM Benazir and PM Cillar of Turkey   therefore rejoice in the success of these  members.  PPP leaders, such as my   the  next steps collectively and that   mosque, for Jummah prayers and
        visited  Bosnia  at the height of the   women because they see in them the  friend, MNA Syeda Shahida Rah-  notably majority of the members   the one protest we saw on Karachi’s
        genocide to stand in solidarity with   other balanced wheel which advances  mani, Nafi sah Shah and many others   of the House were absent for such   main thoroughfare was one lonely
        the Bosnian people while their male   the march of our civilization which  vociferously speaking their minds   a resolution.  He also ridiculed and   man, with one poster saying, “Pro-
        counterparts were placid.      is stuck like the bulls on the mill. We  on the fl oor of the House demand-  questioned how the House will save   test.” Most of the protests in Muslim
            It is unfortunate that the poise   don’t have to worry about “Jo jaa kay  ing explanation for a government   Palestine when it can’t save its own   and Arab countries were nonviolent
        and potential of most of these dynamic   na aaye woh jawani dekhi”, but encour- plane stolen by a German national.  country’s constitution.  and insignifi cant. Th  is doesn’t di-
        women is used as a dispensable and   age our sons and daughters to become   On the one hand, you had   Later, we were greeted with   minish an issue but shows that Mus-
        disposable commodity by the political   that balanced wheel to the cart of our  members of major political parties   such warmth and regard and shown   lims  are  using  nonviolent  ways  to
        wizards. Th  is is evident from the fate of   civilization unmindful of the role that  showing anger against the decision   the historic chambers by the amaz-  show indignation and protest which
        Indira Gandhi, Bandaranayke, Benazir,   is assigned to them in life. It is men and  on Jerusalem, on the other hand, you   ing women of PPP, a party that gives   are the hallmarks of a civilized soci-
        and the President of Argentina, S Korea   women with this attitude and  had a member of the Pakhtunkhwah   its women power to lead.  ety, and calls for violence by the cler-
        and Brazil. Even the Iron Lady of Brit-  WOMEN, P28         Milli Awami Party, the more conser-  My partner, an American edu-  ics was mostly ignored.

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