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         Becoming ‘Great                         Force and Coercion                       Nuclear Scientist                        For news,
         Americans’:  A                          Will  Not Work                           Dr Ishfaq Ahmad                          updated round

         Call for 2018                           in Afghanistan                           Passes away                                the clock, visit
         Haqqani Network Commander     CPEC Results Have Started Appearing                                                       PTI Lawmakers Hand over
             Killed in Drone Strike                                                                                                 Resignations to Imran
        Islamabad:   Haqqani  Network                                                                                            Islamabad:  Pakistan Tehreek-e-
        Commander Ehsan alias Khawari                                                                                            Insaf (PTI) chief Imran Khan said
        and two of his companions were al-                                                                                       on Tuesday a legal team of his party
        legedly  killed  during  a  twin  drone                                                                                  will collect evidence relating to the
        strike conducted in North Wa-                                                                                            Punjab government’s alleged cor-
        ziristan, DawnNews reported on                                                                                           ruption in executing development
        Wednesday.                                                                                                               projects in the province.
            Sources within  the  political                                                                                          He was apparently responding
        administration of Speen Thal Dapa                                                                                        to  Punjab  Chief  Minister  Shehbaz
        Mamozai said that the drone strikes,                                                                                     Sharif who had earlier said he would
        allegedly carried out by US spy                                                                                          resign if the allegations of corrup-
        planes, targeted a house belonging                                                                                       tion against him were proved.
        to Afghan refugees.                                                                                                         Imran also confirmed that law-
            Station House Officer Thal,                                                                                          makers of the party had submitted
        Ameer Zaman confirmed the death                                                                                          their resignations to him, saying he
        of a man named Nasir Mehmood                                                                                             would make a final decision in this
        alias Khawari.                                                                                                           regard after due consultation.
            Local sources belonging to the                                                                                          The PTI leadership has been
        Orakzai Agency said that the strike                                                                                      consulting on whether to step down
        was carried out on a Haqqani Net-                                                                                        en masse, as some within the ranks
        work hideout.                                                                                                            fear it would rather be counterpro-
            The Foreign Office (FO) issued                                                                                       ductive in view of the ongoing cam-
        a statement condemning the strike   Prime Minister Abbasi said Pakistan is the most visible part of the BRI because of  the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor   paign against the ruling Pakistan
        “carried out by the Resolute Support   (CPEC), and that the project would result in freer movement of people and greater cultural interaction between countries  Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N)
        Mission (RSM) this morning, which  Davos:  Speaking at the ‘Belt and   Abbasi said Pakistan is the most   Referring to CPEC, which is   over alleged corruption.
        targeted an Afghan refugee camp”.  Road Impact’ (BRI) session of the   visible part of the BRI because of  the   part of BRI, the prime minister said   Last week, Imran confirmed
            “Pakistan has continued to em-  World Economic Forum  in Davos   China-Pakistan Economic Corridor   projects under the initiative include   an intra-party debate was going on
        phasise  to  the  US  the  importance   on Wednesday, Prime Minister Sha-  (CPEC), and that the project would   power plants, highways, moderniza-  whether to exercise the option of
        of sharing actionable intelligence   hid  Khaqan  Abbasi  said  the  BRI   result in freer movement of people   tion of railways and ports, construc-  tendering resignations from  parlia-
        so that appropriate action is taken   would link together a number of   and greater cultural interaction be-  tion of airports and setting up of   ment en masse.
        against terrorists by our forces with  countries, regions and civilizations   tween the countries, Radio Pakistan   economic zones for export growth.  The move is apparently aimed
        DRONE, P28                    to create shared prosperity.  reported.                      CPEC, P29                     PTI, P28
            Pakistani American         Senate Sets the Stage for Public Hanging of Zainab’s Killer                                   ‘Zainab’s Murderer
           Nominated for Oscar                                                                                                       Has Been Arrested’
                        Los   Angeles:   Islamabad: A day before                                                                Lahore:  Pun-
                        Kumail  Naji-  Tuesday’s  major  break-                                                                 jab Chief Min-
                        ani, Pakistani-  through  of  the  arrest  of                                                           ister   Shah-
                        American stand   suspect rapist and killer                                                              baz     Sharif
                        up-comedian   of  seven-year-old  Zainab,                                                               addressed  a
                        and actor, has   the Senate Standing Com-                                                               press  confer-
                        been nominat-  mittee on Interior has set                                                               ence in Lahore
                        ed for an Oscar   the ball rolling to make an                                                           Tuesday night
                        in the ‘original   example of such culprits                                                             to    formally
                        screenplay’ cat-  by hanging them in pub-                                                               announce the
                        egory  for The   lic.                                                                                   arrest of a key
        Big Sick.                         To create an effective                                                                suspect in the rape and murder case
            The Big Sick is a drama-ro-  deterrence  against  such                                                              of six-year-old Zainab Amin.
        mance that portrays his romantic life   heinous crimes in the so-                                                           Zainab’s suspected murderer
        with wife in real life, Emily Gordan.   ciety, the Senate’s Standing                                                    and rapist is a 23-year-old man
            “By depicting a Muslim family   Committee on Interior                                                               named Imran Ali, Sharif announced.
        as like normal people, that’s its big   proposed  an  amendment                                                         The suspect is a serial killer based in
        political statement,” said Nanjiani in   in the Pakistan Penal                                                          Kasur who is accused of raping and
        an earlier interview to Reuters.  Code to publicly hang a                                                               murdering 6-7 girls over the course
             “It’s important for kids to see   convict involved in sexual   The Senate’s Standing Committee on Interior proposed an amendment in the Pakistan Penal Code   of two years.
        themselves in the stuff they watch.   abuse and murder of chil-  to publicly hang a convict involved in sexual abuse and murder of children below the age of 14  “Our collective effort has borne
        But more than that, I think it’s im-  dren below the age of 14.                                                         fruit and the murderer has been
        portant that people from different   Interestingly,  the  consequence of its delib-  incident has shaken the   review the present systems  arrested,” a triumphant Sharif an-
        points of view are behind the camera   Senate committee’s rec-  erations focused on the   entire nation and com-  in order to check the   nounced to loud applause.
        OSCAR, P28                    ommendations  were  the   Zainab case. This horrific   pelled the lawmakers to   SENATE, P28  MURDERER, P28

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