People ofPakistan.
By Dr Nazir Khaja
Los Angeles, CA

The poor people of the land,
In awe of the tyrants they quietly stand.
In their own future, they have hardly any say,
Entirely dependent on their masters, they stay

On empty stomachs they flood the streets
For the poor masses, demonstrations a treat.
Long march for them, but no end in sight.
Mislead by those who have no sense of right.

Possessed only by ego, the few who lead,
Are hardly aware of what people need.
Amassing of power amassing of wealth,
By illegal means, cunning and stealth.

Their manifest destiny they think is to rule,
It matters little who they fool.
Ambition, avarice, power and greed
Their main assets with which they lead.

The poor crowd in the mosques every day,
To ask the One to show them the way.
When will their dark night come to its end?
To shatter the darkness, a bolt of light, could He send?

Frozen in misfortune the poor will remain,
If false loyalties to their leaders they maintain.
Unless they take things in their own hand
They will remain enslaved to their masters grand

They have been through the past which never was,
They remain hopeful for a future that is on pause.


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Editor: Akhtar M. Faruqui
2004 . All Rights Reserved.