Charlottesville Cries out Loud
By Dr Basheer Ahmed Khan
Garden Grove, CA

Words fail to express the extent of indignation at the horrible events which took place in Charlottesville. The march at the University of Virginia on Friday, the counter protest to the march on Saturday and the plowing of the protesting crowd by a car killing a participant and injuring several others are a blot on the sanctity of Charlottesville. The founding father of this Nation, Thomas Jefferson had established the university to spread light in the times of darkness.
The one lesson that I have learnt from events like this which are being repeated all over the world these days is: we can’t change history we can only learn from it. We should learn from history rather than try to erase it so that we are not condemned to repeat it. We can learn from it only if we remember that we are always fooled by those espousing greater causes making false promises.
Politicians should behave like statesmen and businessmen like real human beings helping the masses in their bread and butter matters and in their efforts to lead an honest and happy life. It is disheartening to see that the politicians and the businessmen are evading their responsibility under the pretext of ruling over an imperfect world in a difficult time and becoming willy-nilly puppets in the hands of the tricksters on either side of the divide who are promoting their heinous agendas in the name of high sounding ideals. Virginia, the home state of Thomas Jefferson and James Maddison, is too sacred a place to become the playground of these tricksters.



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