White Rage
By Mowahid Hussain Shah

Trump is consumed by a rabid urge to undo the legacy of his predecessor, Barack Hussein Obama. For certain elements of the Caucasian majority, it was a bridge too far to have a son of a foreign student from Africa with Muslim ancestry become “numero uno” in America, and a black man with a black wife and a black family installed in the White House.
It unleashed white rage. A virulent vein lurks underneath the sociopolitical landscape of America, which Trump tapped to access the White House. Simply put, Trump’s ascendancy was sparked by a jealous reaction, driven by rancor and resentment over the unacceptability and indigestibility of having Obama as the Commander in Chief of the United States.
America is no longer a white absolutist country. Demography has changed and realities have been altered. But not so the mindset of a sizeable segment who feel disempowered and emasculated. Jealous reaction and racial resentment can work up to a point in a campaign, but their limits have been glaringly exposed when tasked with governance of a multifaceted nation.
The virus of preying on the already vulnerable is the reigning flavor of the 21st century to date. It has spread into Europe, Mideast, the Subcontinent, and Australasia. It conflates anti-migrant hate with religious prejudice.
Yesterday’s anti-Semites – because it is no longer profitable today – are today’s anti-Muslims, because they can get away with it. But, eventually, the law of unintended consequences kicks in. Hatred and bigotry, ultimately, are self-consuming and self-defeating.
The craving for absolute dominance wreaked havoc in the 20th century through some of the bloodiest conflicts known to mankind. It ended up diminishing those who chose the path of subjugating the “other.”
In the last 70 years, the thousand-year Reich collapsed in a heap. The USSR broke apart. And the sun, which was not supposed to set on the British Empire, did set. All of this was supposed to herald the unrivaled sway of the so-called “sole Superpower,” which reality check now reveals was a self-delusional shimmering mirage.
Exclusionary chauvinism and chest-thumping leaves its own blowback residue. The deployment of ‘terror’ terminology as a politicized tool to tarnish the Muslim community is not working. It overlooks the camel of domestic terrorism while overplaying and magnifying the gnat of international terror.
Notice the script-adhering ‘official’ line of the mainstream ‘free’ media when Caucasian terrorists routinely commit massacres with legally procured weapons of mass slaughter. Then, the terminology of terror is painstakingly eschewed. ‘Weasel words’ of distraction, like “gun violence”, “mass shootings”, and “mental health” are tossed around. The cancer within remains undiagnosed.
A rudimentary reading of US history tells, for example, the early role of the Klu Klux Klan in spreading domestic terror and how some of the highest luminaries of the land were among its members. Cameras today have captured and substantiated the unjustifiable shooting deaths of blacks by cops.
Rage is not a policy. It blocks necessary introspection.
White rage poses the greatest threat to whites. The cover of democracy can sometimes give free license to mob mentality. Its biggest casualty could be Western well-being.



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