How your Brain is just like the Hard Disk in your Computer

Like the fresh Hard Disk in your new computer, you are born with a brain with no data except just a few starting operating programs to get started. As you grow, the Hard Disk of your Brain starts filling up. To allow this Hard Disk to perform to its maximum capability and capacity you must do the same maintenance as you would in your Computer.
For best performance the Hard Disk of your Brain must be periodically defragged. Historic data must be regularly archived. Big data files must be compressed. This allows for useful blank space on your Hard Disk where you can store fresh data, higher-level data. You allow your brain to have unlimited growth in doing the right things.
Defragging is done by never allowing or removing as soon as possible clutter, confusion, quarrels, hatred, jealousy, back-stabbing, gossip etc. Archiving is easily done by regularly sharing and passing on the knowledge you have gained to others. The archived knowledge instead of taking up space in your brain becomes a habit and creates extra space in your brain for higher level of new knowledge and wisdom. The process is everlasting. Mind is a terrible thing to waste.

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