September 2005

World’s Best Human Development Initiative with Highest Return.

There is no human development or poverty alleviation program in the world that can even come close to achieving the highest return per dollar in the shortest period of time than the NCHD/PHDF initiative started and supported by President Musharraf in both resources and money. Now it is your turn to financially support our effort if you want Pakistan to prosper.

53 districts of Pakistan covered (2002-05)
1.5 million previously out-of-school children enrolled in schools
212,000 adult learners have become literate, 85% of which are females
1.4 million women taught to make and use ORS, an effective, low-cost way of reducing child mortality
40,321 volunteers trained and registered in 30,000villages
307,254 women and children vaccinated against disease
School dropout rate reduced from 37% to 8% through teams of teachers and community volunteers
Exceeding international standards of efficiency with just 6.6% of spending on administrative costs

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