April 2006

Do you want to be heard as a Citizen of United States?

Serious collective and effective Political Activism by the Pakistan Americans and Muslim has been almost non-existent. This community for decades has contributed to millions of jobs and billions of dollars to the US economy. It is our own fault that our voice has never been heard in Washington DC. This Mid-term election year can be the start of our real Political Activism by making every single voting age Pakistani American and other Muslims go to the Voting booth this year. Did you know that if we all vote, 3-4% of the Muslims will end up having voting power of almost 9-10%? If you did this every election I guarantee US Lawmakers will be begging for your votes in 6-8 years. Try it.


Pakistani American Leadership Center
PAL-C's commitment to building awareness and educating Members of Congress on issues important to Pakistani Americans have made it a reputable and recognized name on Capitol Hill with an office right next door to the Heritage Foundation. Without the continued support of the community to such an important cause, PAL-C will not be able to reach its ultimate potential – a loss that will affect each and every Pakistani American today and in the future.

Email: aisha@pal-c.org Contact PAL-C Executive Director Aisha Chapra 202-675-2004 www.PAL-C.org

By: Pervaiz Lodhie (email: plodhie@ledtronics.com)

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