Aug 2006

Do we want our US Born or Raised Children to be treated like 3rd Class Citizens?

We the first generation Pakistani Americans that came in the last 4 decades to this land of Liberty, Justice and Citizens Rights to ALL might be used to being treated as unequal citizens of this great country after 9/11. We can move back to where we came from with little difficulty if we have to. But did we seriously think about the 2nd generation of Pakistani Americans? They are here without their choice. Most will have major difficulties going back to Pakistan if forced to. Do you know the options that will be left to the Pakistani American community if another incident like 9/11, God forbid, takes place? The law enforcement and homeland security agencies keep saying it is not a matter of ‘If’ but ‘When’.
It is almost 5 years since 9/11. The Pakistani American community is 4 decades late in doing what the Jewish, Indian and Armenian communities have done. They became politically active at all levels of the city, state and the federal government. The Pakistani American community is very fragmented and always divided as individuals or local groups. Everyone always has his personal agenda. A successful long-term political activism initiative can only take place if entire community – each and every member - physically, intellectually and financially supports such an initiative.
Two years ago I and nine other community friends started this most powerful political activism initiative on the Hill called PAL-C. For the first time in two years PAL-C helped create one of the fastest growing Congressional Pakistan Caucus in the Congress. Today the Pakistan Caucus has 74 members. With no support from the community the PAL-C initiative will fold as quickly as it began. Today only I and three other founding Board of Directors are bearing the load to keep it going. But for how long? The decision to support PAL-C and impart renewed momentum to its activities or to remain idle bystanders and let it die prematurely is all yours.

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Pakistani American Leadership Center
PAL-C's commitment to building awareness and educating Members of Congress on issues important to Pakistani Americans have made it a reputable and recognized name on Capitol Hill with an office right next door to the Heritage Foundation. Without the continued support of the community to such an important cause, PAL-C will not be able to reach its ultimate potential – a loss that will affect each and every Pakistani American today and in the future.

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