July 2006

Most of us are holding on to Money that does not belong to us

That is why the world is going nowhere but down towards more terrorism, more misery, more hunger, more greed, more waste and more walls of temporary protection around us as the difference between the rich and the poor keeps on mounting. The North-South divide is reaching alarming proportions. It may well become unbridgeable if the disconcerting trend sustains its momentum.
We could start turning the world around and win the war on terrorism if every one of us attacks the curse of poverty. Every one of us who earns a profit of $1 or $1million is holding at least 5-10% of that earning that rightfully belongs to those who live below the poverty line. It is only the dictate of our conscience that could make us voluntarily pay this amount daily, monthly, yearly to its rightful owners.
Millions are going hungry every day. Thousands are dying due to lack of medicine or healthcare. Giving once a year to some unqualified charity does not provide the necessary daily meal to survive. Separate the 5-10% share of your daily, weekly, monthly profit before you have the urge to spend it on yourself or your friends. Get it immediately to the poor rather than the administrators of NGOs.

By: Pervaiz Lodhie (email: plodhie@ledtronics.com)

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