January 24 2007

Why US Corporations and Expatriates Still Hesitate to Invest in Pakistan?

1) Local Law and Order 2) Faulty or Nonexistent Conflict Resolution
Almost every Pakistani Expatriate has himself, his friend, or someone in the family and relatives in Pakistan some horror story to tell in relation to the current law and order situation. It is not a figment of imagination. Ihave a few of my own since Iam myself involved in helping Pakistan. The problem is continuing, nay, compounded each passing day, with no relief in sight. Car thefts, murders, kidnappings, snatching of cellular phones, daylight robberies are on the rise. So also the staggering medical mishaps leading to countless deaths.
If US Corporations and Expatriates are defrauded by local Pakistani managers, partners or companies then the local Pakistani Third World justice system comes into play and works 100% to the advantage of the locals. The US Corporations and Expatriates have no choice but to give up and resolve not to think of investing in Pakistan again. Iknow of many such cases and Iam personally experiencing the consequences of quite a few major frauds right now.

Can the Pakistan Government do something about this disconcerting situation?

By: Pervaiz Lodhie (email: plodhie@ledtronics.com)

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